Industry Leader “MySingleLink” Introduces Technology to Combat Porch Piracy, Help In-Store Consumers Skip the Counters and Kiosks, Reduce Drive-Thru Wait time, Create Ease for ‘On-the-Go’ Consumers

United States, Texas, San Antonio – 04-16-2019 ( — “MySingleLink,” a technology company headquartered in San Antonio announces the launch of its first Smart Lockers, that will replace obsolete shared key pad technology with dedicated controllers, key pads, WIFI connectors and unique QR Codes to provide faster operation and reduce costs.


“MySingleLink is proud to introduce the world’s first Drive-Thru Window Lockers, Food Truck Lockers, In-Store Lockers and In-Home Delivery Lockers,” said Gopal Nandakumar, Inventor and President of MySingleLink.



The ‘Smart Lock’ in Smart Lockers uses state-of-the-art technology where customers simply use their mobile device to scan the QR Code displayed on the Smart Locker while holding a finger on the finger print reader to unlock. It also supports the current technology of entering a code on the key pad.


The Smart Lockers utilize MySingleLink’s patented Authentication technology in MySingleLink’s free apps MSL Wallet and MSL POS. MSL Wallet is used by consumers where as MSL POS is used by merchants. The patented Authentication technology can also be incorporated in any app and the Smart Lock can be used with any cabinet. MSL Wallet not only supports on-line orders while the mobile device is away from the pick-up location, but also supports online orders while the mobile device is at the pick-up location just by scanning a QR Code displayed at the pick-up location. This “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) concept can reduce or even eliminate the use of counters and self-service kiosks.


Smart Lockers can be used for In-Store pick-up, Drive-Thru pick-up, Common Area pick-up and In-Home  delivery. They can be used for “Buy On-Line Pick-Up from Lockers” (BOPFL) and for “Buy Online for In-Home Delivery” (BOIHD). Because of its unique and novel technology, Smart Lockers are also Do It Yourself (DIY) gadgets that can be easily assembled and installed without professional help.


“Online orders and home deliveries have increased nearly fifty percent and it’s created a black market for Porch Pirate thieves,” said Nandakumar. “Our Smart In-Home Delivery Lockers will provide a secure, safe, and convenient way to receive In-Home deliveries inside your home, 24/7 without a delivery person entering the residence.”


The Smart Lockers are securely attached to windows, wall openings or fences, anchored to any structure in an existing home. The windows and doors can even be part of the home monitoring system. A delivery person simply scans the QR Code attached to the Smart Locker or enter a few selected digits of the tracking number to unlock and place the order. Homebuilders can incorporate Smart Lockers into their design plan as a standard or added value item.


Nandakumar says the Smart Lockers will change the definition of fast food.


“Online orders for in-store consumption or takeout is unable to reach its full potential, especially for Quick Service Restaurants, because of the absence of an easy way to pick-up freshly cooked food from in-door as well as from drive-thru lanes,” said Nandakumar. “MySingleLink’s ‘first ready, first served’ technology replacing ‘first entered, first served’ technology would eliminate bottlenecks and reduce wait time for drive-thru lane pick-ups significantly.”


MySingleLink’s Smart Locks will revolutionize the fast food drive-thru. It can convert any drive-thru window into a drive-thru Smart Locker.


“At the present time, online orders for pick-ups from common areas such as Food Courts, Airport Gates is not available for customers and travelers,” said Nandakumar.  “The Smart Locker changes that. For example, customers can simply enter their flight information and select any restaurant within the secured area of the Airport to pick-up the order near their arriving or departing gates.”


Inventor Gopal Nandakumar, President of MySingleLink, is an entrepreneur with more than 25 years in business technology. He developed the proprietary Smart Lockers  and products:  Drive-Thru Lane Lockers, In-Home Delivery Lockers (Last Inch Delivery), In-Store Order Pick-up Lockers, MySingleLink Smart Lock, and Common Area Order Pick-up Lockers.


“Our product is affordable and easy to install,” said Nandakumar. “MySingleLink’s Smart Lockers will cut drive-thru wait times by fifty percent and reduce car emissions in the environment.”


Nandakumar and MySingleLink will be attending the 2019 National Restaurant Show in Chicago, May 18-21, 2019 to showcase their state-of-the-art products. The Booth number is 9411.  The Smart Lockers for residential, restaurant in-door, food truck, drive-thru and airport will be on display.


MySingleLink has developed many applications using Authentication Method based on US Patents* issued to MySingleLink and pending patents for impeccable security. The new Authentication Method replaces the current and vulnerable Verification Method in protecting secured resources including Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Accounts, User Accounts, to name a few.

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MySingleLink is a DBA for Textile Computer Systems Inc, a Texas-USA based company, and has been in business since 1987. MySingleLink is a technology company providing cutting edge technologies for merchants and consumers using mobile devices and the internet.  MySingleLink’s primary focus is protecting merchants and consumers from data breaches, credit card fraud, merchandise theft, and porch piracy at a reasonable cost.

*8,505,079 – 8,533,802 – 8,566,957 – 8,695,071 – 8,713,656 – 8,800,014 – 9,112,847 – 9,584,499

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