The 3 Ways Most Entrepreneurs Become Successful

CHICAGO, IL – 04-16-2019 ( — Pick up any business magazine or follow their social media and they will share with you those miraculous stories of entrepreneurial success. You know them- the 9-year-old kid who makes 2 million dollars a month reviewing toys on Youtube or the internet startup that was just bought for a massive amount of money even though their product isn’t to market yet. And though those stories are lovely and good that is not how 99.9% of entrepreneurs experiences success.


Most entrepreneurs gain their success in 3 ways: owning their creator status, defining success on their terms, and loving life no matter what is thrown their way.


And no brand is the walking embodiment of that better than Apple Tv’s Brandpreneur™ Network’s show Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® Season 2 brand and the founder of Moonroot Spirit, Gina Bell (


Mom of 6 kids, Gina Bell, has faced personal, professional, and financial setbacks since launching her Moonroot Spirit brand. In spite of all of that Gina has risen to the entrepreneurial occasion every time, from growing her brand and influence to maintain a lifestyle that works for her and her family.


Host and 20-year luxury Neuro Human Branding veteran, Ali Craig, sits down with Bell this week to deep dive into creativity, success, and loving your life – no matter what.


“I fundamentally believe that we are not doers. We are meant to be creators. And when we each tap into our creator nature brilliance, bounty, and a life filled with beauty happens,” says Bell, “ This is what life has taught me. And this is what my clients receive through embracing their creator Moonroot Spirit nature.”

Don’t miss a minute of the action. Catch the 24 hours exclusive Facebook airing every Tuesday at 2:30 pm est and then going live on the Brandpreneur™ Network ( ) available on Apple Tv, Amazon Fire, Roku, and Android TV.

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