U.S. Motorsports Association Releases Findings from Study On the Importance of a Drag Strip on Long Island

United States, North Carolina – 04-16-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — United States Motorsports Association (USMA) released the findings of an independent report titled, The Importance of a Drag Strip On Long Island.  The report was a year long research effort, commissioned by the group Long Island Needs a Dragstrip (LINADS).  The focus was the benefits of a grassroots type track hosting mostly regional and local drag racing events.

To quantify the economic and socio economic impacts of a motorsports complex on the Island, data was collected from a number of sources.  This included a comparison analysis of seventeen existing racetracks determined to be similar in size and scope to a proposed Long Island track.  In addition, industry experts were interviewed and they provided data along with race team and race fan interviews and surveys. A key component of the report was to focus on spending outside the race track by non-resident visitors.The report concludes with some impressive numbers.  A Long Island track would host an average of 84-event days bringing in over 300,000 visitors annually.  According to the report the track could produce over $17,000,000 in annual spending outside the venue. Construction of a facility can vary greatly depending on the size and scope of the project, however, it was estimated to be $18,000,000 in initial construction.The report makes an interesting comparison to the U.S. Open golf tournament, recently held on Long Island.  When all factors are considered it’s estimated that a Long Island track will equate the value of a U.S. Open every 5-years.  While the U.S. Open is not expected to return to the Island any time soon, a race track will provide a secure and consistent source of visitor spending year after year.  The report also highlights the community benefits of providing a safe controlled environment to both lower illegal street racing and teach teen drivers car control.“The ultimate goal of this process was preparing a clear report to be utilized by the community for consideration of the Long Island Race track project,” said Robert Johnson, Director of Government Affairs for the USMA.  “It’s a tool for telling the story of what life is like with a dragstrip in your community and how it benefits a region.”The USMA and LINADS are planning a “Community Tour” highlighting this report.  This tour will include presenting the findings to local, state and federal officials along with businesses, racing industry leaders, real estate developers, competitors and fans.  All are welcome to review the report now available online at: https://www.unitedstatesmotorsports.com/long-island-reportFor inquiries or additional information, please contact Shawn Stewart at 704-870-1009 or [email protected]

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