Cyrus Vance Jr. is trying to pass a Dark Web ant as an elephant

United States, New York, New York – 04-18-2019 ( — Cyrus Vance Jr. reported in a recent press release and I cite, “D.A. Vance, Partners Take Down Major Dark Web Drug Seller” They did not. They took down a very minor player on the dark web. Cyrus Vance Jr. is once again using is position to grandstand like he did in the Abacus Bank or with his position on Cyber Privacy. Cyrus Vance Jr. policies have become reckless. My name is Theo Chino and I am a Bitcoin entrepreneur and I was a candidate for New York City Public Advocate in 2019 and will be running again in 2021. I have been raising the alarm against Cyrus Vance Jr. policies since 2015 when he first published an OpEd in the New York Time: “When Phone Encryption Blocks Justice” His arguments were refuted at the time by the United Nations special rapporteur on the freedom of opinion and expression and the minister of digital affair of France. As a New York City voter, I embarked to raise the alarm with the New York County Political establishment. The most progressives New York County democratic clubs did decide not to endorse him for his 2017 re-election. VID vote not to endorse Cyrus Vance Jr for DA:

Cyrus Vance Jr. heard the message and has been trying to rebrand himself as a progressive by not prosecuting MTA Fare Jumper or minor Marijuana. Unfortunately, his pseudo progressives’ policies are more dangerous because many citizens do not understand how New York City justice system functions leaving the most vulnerable in the Bronx. Once again, Manhattan DA has decided once again to spread misinformation about the Crypto Currency and Dark Web community.

The Manhattan DA should actually spend his efforts in figuring out why services that offer mental in Northern Manhattan are being squeezed out by the Department of Homeless in favor of organization like Road Runner, Inc that do not offer any services to the local community. The Manhattan DA should spend his efforts in applying the motto inscribed at the court house by ending his practices of Trial by Ambush. At the last International Conference on Cyber Security organized by the FBI and Fordham University, I asked Cyrus Vance Jr. why he kept pushing for his flawed Cyber Agenda even tough the director of the National Institute of Standard and Technology refuted his proposal minutes earlier. I have since his flawed testimony at a 2014 in front of the New York State Financial Service against Cryptocurrencies and his 2015 flawed OpEd in the New York Times tried to have a conversation with him to no avail. After his failed #UnlockJustice twitter hashtag campaign, prompted him to a challenge to build the system he advocates for: Cyrus Vance Jr. DID NOT take down a Major Dark Web Drug seller. An animal kingdom analogy Cyrus Vance Jr. just caught an ant and his trying to pass it for an elephant.

Theo Chino is a Bitcoin Activist and a computer activist. Theo Chino runs the websites to find a true progressive candidate to replace Cyrus Vance Jr, https://RepMyBlock.NYC to find 10,000 citizen to run for County Committee and Judicial delegates to find progressives judges to fill New York City halls of justice, to track all the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies judicial cases around the United States, to fight an overreach policies used by the District Attorney to illegally define Cryptocurrencies, to educate citizen about the interception of Good Government and Privacy, as a candidate for Public Advocate to chair the New York City Commission on Public Information and Communication. You can reach Theo Chino at +1.718.701.0140 or by email at [email protected]

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