Merging Mindfulness and Media with Technology to Help Users Find their Bliss

United States – 04-18-2019 ( — Merging mindfulness and media with technology is the path to a more joyful, healthy and productive life. That’s the premise behind the new Mindbliss app from – a digital wellness company, that wants to help users establish effective mindfulness practices for a lifetime.

 The benefits of mindfulness and meditation are broadly accepted in the medical and psychology fields, within businesses and schools, and with stay-at-home parents and guardians in the throws of raising kids. And smartphones are an undeniable staple in just about every nook of modern life. The Mindbliss founders believe that the combination of the two has the potential to take wellness to yet unexplored heights. The company’s founders are experts from both spectrums. Derik Lawlis, CEO, is an entrepreneur with a passion for preventive care who completed graduate studies in population health risk assessment and management at the University of Ottawa in Canada. Fartash Haghani is CTO and a machine learning scientist; and Samantha Hor, Content Director, is a meditation industry veteran.  Together they share dedication to a common mission: help users reduce stress by promoting and measuring the effects of diverse meditation practices from well-regarded expert teachers from around the globe. “Ours is the first app that offers each user a custom mindfulness program based on studying data from millions of meditation sessions,” said Lawlis. “We then measure the effectiveness of the program and curate the content for each individual as needed.” Users have a wide array of meditation practices that they can try to see what works for them, ranging from guided meditation to energy or sound healing to binaural brain entrainment to breathing exercises and much more. They can also choose their favorite teachers. The app works like this:

  • Users set their preferences and objective
  • They select an audio meditation from a curated library – single sessions or meditations series are available
  • Users practice with masters and learn new techniques
  • Personal stats are tracked to help you build a positive habit

 Positive online reviews include veterans, businessmen and businesswomen and students who varyingly talk about better sleep, less stress, and better ability to cope with external challenges.  “Our aim is to help users relax, heal, let go and raise their awareness to the power they have to create a life they love,” added Lawlis. “By supporting our customers’ practices of self-care and mindfulness, we truly believe they will be better equipped to reach their fullest potential and make positive change in the world.”  Monthly or annual subscriptions are available that range in cost from $11.99 per month or $89.99 per year and a free trial is offered. The Mindbliss app is available for iOS or Android. For more information, go to

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