Cancer Survivor creates online curricula for dying to help terminally ill and caregivers to cope

United States, Florida, Celebration – 04-23-2019 ( — Cancer Survivor creates online curricula for dying to help terminally ill and caregivers to cope

In our culture death is often considered a taboo subject. The problem with this taboo is that it creates real burden on those who are dying.

Those who are terminally ill seeking answers to their questions is a difficult task and resources to find answers are challenging to find.

The medical profession helps with the physical needs of those who are dying, but those needs go well beyond physical – the psychological and practical aspects of dying are also important.  

Susan Binau, a cancer survivor, a former Miss Denmark, social entrepreneur and Cancer Patient Advocate has developed a program for the terminally ill, “The Art of Dying”.

In essence,” Binau said,  what I’ve done is fuse existing clinical knowledge about dying with my own, personal near-death experiences”

  • The program – “The Art of Dying” provides answers through an online system that provides;
  • A roadmap of practical and human advice for the terminally ill including  a conversation app
  • Advice and guidance on how to live a meaningful life while dying
  • Information and steps on how terminally ill patients and family can communicate and
  • navigate and make closure
  • An easy to follow plan to allow for a dignified passing that honors the wishes of the terminally ill patient and provides the family solace

Susan, who has been at death’s door four different times as a result of illness and accidents, understands how lonely and devastated one can feel when facing a terminal condition. After supporting six close friends who lost their battles to cancer while she survived, Susan drew directly from their experiences, developing tools people can use when coping with the end of life.

“Death often is sad but it doesn’t have to be tragic, agonizing or exhausting for the dying or those around them, after all, none of us get out of here alive. Death is as natural a part of life as birth and birthdays, aging and illness. People who live with a terminal illness have a chance to prepare for death and ease the trauma,” she said.

Filled with practical tools, extensive research, and compassion, this program cultivates clarity of mind and improved decision making in addition to offering spiritual insight. “The Art of Dying” uniquely relates to people facing their final journey, helping to guide them to a more confident and stable perspective in preparation for the road ahead.

At the heart of the program are the voices of people who walked the path and bravely shared how they found ways to live meaningfully while dying, and what they did to prepare for a dignified passing. And for the first time, it is now possible to unite these voices in live conversation groups through an app, that Serenity Academy and Q- Talks have partnered with in the hope that talking with people in a similar situation will reduce the loneliness feeling just a little.

“Death is still a taboo in our society, and we live as if we are never going to die,” Susan said, “so the day we or someone we love is diagnosed with a terminal illness or dies, too often we lack life skills to cope and a ‘language’ that can help people open up and talk about the difficult issues. Lack of communication and conversations adds to a dying person’s feeling of loneliness and fear; not having basic caregiving skills or guidance creates a dangerous risk of burnout for loved ones.”

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Susan Binau is a Social Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Cancer Survivor and Founder of Women Fighting Cancer and Serenity Academy, Susan Binau is on a mission to change the human experience of serious illness & death…for the better.

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