Dong King is ready to make a splash with the launch of a new website

– 04-24-2019 ( — The new website is a revolutionary platform that offers visitors real and unbiased reviews of sex toys and various sex-related products.

Houston/ Texas 04/24/2019  Dong King, a renowned and established entrepreneur, the founder of and still redefines traditional ways of doing business, is pleased to announce today the launch of his new website  The website is an adult sex toy products review platform that covers reviews of over 15,000 products which are an array of different products from various brands. Working closely together with for the website’s design and Jayne Cobb, the MILF next door, for the reviews, the website is a definite game changer.The new website, which is a mix of honest reviews and a touch of personal relatable comments, deeply explores various sex toys from top brands such as Doc Johnson, LELO and WeVibe to the most affordable toys in a very unique and interesting way. The website also gives a touch to the pricing of these toys and extensively compares the various toys reviewed which are an honest and true opinion by Jayne Cobb.Currently hosted by Strickly, the website aims at being the ultimate big player in the sex toy industry. It has a great welcoming interface that is very easy to navigate while also exploring various categories of sex toys, which enables it to be a great sex toy portal. Focusing on adult content only, the website focuses on spicing up your sexual experience by not only offering sex toys but also scented candles and massage oils.”We are extremely excited about the launch of our new website and the immense information and benefit it will be to our readers looking to spice up their sexual lives. We believe that the website will be of great value towards enriching your sexual experience in terms of the toys to look out for. Well, we know that the space is somewhat crowded, but we look to do more than simply sell items. We look to provide content and hopefully an experience for our customers,” said Dong King.“Also by having Jayne Cobb as a reviewer, this entices the reviews further by getting first hand experiences and reviews from a person that is in the sex industry and frequently uses the toys. This will heighten your understanding on how toys actually and effectively work in the real world,” added Mr. King.With the sex toy industry currently flooded with many products, which some are genuine, while some are counterfeit, assures of only genuine products. While reviewing these products, it will offer unbiased reviews while also guiding the readers on how to unbox the products, various ways to use the products and still offer an insight on how to infuse the use of the products in their partner’s sexual life.

About Dong King

Dong King ( is a father, husband and entrepreneur whose sole mission is trying to heal the world one vibrator at a time. He is the founder of and which are adult themed websites focusing on a variety of sex toy products. Currently dedicated to ensuring that the world understands the sex toys, he is relentless to ensure that becomes a bedroom common name.Currently, with both his websites( and being just online platforms, prospects are in line to have actual stores in Las Vegas, Houston, LA and London where customers can actually walk in and buy. In these shops the products reviewed in the websites will actually be sold and buyers will have hands on approach while buying these products.

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