Why You Don’t Have to Compromise Your Kids’ Safety to Save the Bees

United States, Minnesota, Minneapolis – 04-24-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Bees deserve to be taken care of, but so do your kids. Here’s how you can do both.

Good news for bee lovers everywhere: Saving the bees does not have to come at the risk of putting your children in harm’s way.

When it comes to creating yards that are both kid-friendly and bee-friendly, you can have your cake and eat it too. This is good news for bees — which were recently facing population decreases around the world — and for kids — who, historically speaking, hate getting stung by bees.

With the growing trend of incorporating sustainable details into homes, people can lessen their environmental impact further by creating a sanctuary for bees to hang out while still keeping the inhabitants of the house safe.

“People often believe that if they want to have a bee-friendly yard, then it is at the risk of making their property filled to the brim with bees that will sting you if you get too close,” says Jodi Axel of Axel Landscaping located in Hopkins, “This is simply not the case — in fact, typically well-fed bees are happy and docile and they’d rather spend their time collecting nectar and not bothering kids or stinging.”

“By being smart with your bee-friendly design, you can create a space that allows for your kids to enjoy being outside without risking harm to themselves or the bees,” continues Axel.

Bee-friendly yards will usually incorporate certain flowers, trees, and shrubs that bees enjoy getting nutrients and nectar out of that are staged to provide a variety of bloom times to keep the bees well fed all season long. A landscaping expert can help you set it up to not only look good but to help facilitate a healthy environment for the critters to survive.

In addition to creating a home that intertwines your lifestyle with that of the nature surrounding you, some local governments will even give away grants for people looking to design a bee-friendly yard. So, you can save money and the bees all in one move.

Fortunately, bee populations are showing some signs of recovery, but they still need help from us humans — particularly in cities where natural habitats are more limited.

Going forward, look for the trend of creating outdoor spaces that are welcoming of bees and the environment — such as rain gardens and water runoffs to recycle rainwater — as more and more homeowners are starting to be more conscious of their impact on the world and see the joy that can come from watching and being part of the positive impact on the nature around them.

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