Homeopathy -The Medicine of the Future

India, Maharashtra, Kolhapur – 04-26-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — India is known to be the world’s second most populous country with over 100 million people who are wholly dependent on homeopathic treatment and remedies. Three Best Rated® interviewed two homeopathic doctors, who practice in an award-winning homeopathic clinic, to learn more about “The Medicine of the Future.”

What is Homeopathy?

“Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine,” Dr. Dattatray says. Homeopathy is an alternative method of curing sufferings that makes the person better both physically and mentally. It has the ability to stimulate the immune system to cure the problem by itself. The substance (or remedy) will cause certain ailments when taken in a large quantity but will cure the same ailments when the substance is taken in extremely minute quantities. It works based on the principle “like cures like.” “We not only treat physical ailments alone. But, a suffered person’s past, feelings, family history, mind, anxieties and stress, dreams, and spirit are also taken into an account for diagnosing and prevention.” Dr. Dattatry explains. This analysis helps the physician to find the correct homeopathic Similimum for the patient. It also helps to develop trust and bond with the patient.

Why Homeopathy is considered as “The Medicine of the Future”?

Homeopathic remedies are prepared by a special process known as Potentisation. It helps to refine the medicine to remove harmful toxins that cause side-effects. It triggers the brain, as well as the immune system, to extricate the chemical and gives quick relief from pain. This form of treatment and procedures have the ability to cure both acute and chronic health conditions. “Because it is gentle and easy to intake, these homeopathic remedies are suitable for all ages, also during pregnancy and menopause,” Dr. Pooja explains. While other forms of medications act as an immune system, homeopathic medicines enhance the strength of a person’s immune system to give long-lasting results instead. Homeopathic treatment and remedies are extremely affordable. It can be used anywhere, anytime even for minor injuries. Over 6000 various homeopathic medicines exist. Homeopathy even has the potential to provide treatment for cancer. That is why homeopathy is considered “The Medicine of the Future!”

Matoshree Homoepathic Hospital is an ISO 9001:2015 certified hospital. They provide treatment for all problems relating to the brain, heart, kidney, bone, skin, abdomen, as well as all types of cancer and diabetic problems. They treat over 125 diseases and have more than 10,000 happy and satisfied patients. Patients from all over India travel there to receive the best treatment from well-reputed practitioners, Dr. Dattatray Angad Chopade Patil, and Dr. Pooja Dattatray Chopade Patil. Matoshree Homoeopathic Hospital was named one of the top three Homeopathic clinics in Kolhapur, Maharashtra by Three Best Rated® for 2019. Dr. Dattatray Angad Chopade Patil and Dr. Mrs. Pooja Dattatray Chopade Patil provide consultation and treatment to the suffered persons from this hospital. In order to receive this prestigious award, they faced a meticulous 50-point inspection that includes everything from reviews to their general excellence.

About Dr. Dattatray Angad Chopade Patil

Dr. Dattatray Chopade Patil has been practicing for 13 years. He received his BHMS Degree in 2004 from Venutai Yashvantrao Chavan Homeopathic Medical College in Dasara Chowk, Kolhapur and MD Homeopathy in 2012 from Dr. J J Magdum Post-Graduate Homeopathic Medical College in the Jaysingpur District, Kolhapur under Maharashtra University of Health Sciences in Nashik. When he was suffering from multiple corns on left feet as a medical student in 2000, a well-known surgeon prescribed him a corn caps. Dr. Dattatray applied it for 4 to 6 months, but its were effects temporary. After an operation on one corn, the surgeon said that others will have to be operated on when the first surgical wound heals. He tried Homeopathic medicines for one corn. Within 1 month, all other corns were gone without needing any surgery! This was the turning point for him towards a Homeopathic practice. He received Bharat Ratna Mother Teresa Gold Medal Award in 2019 by All India Achievers and Research Academy, New Delhi, and Icons of Health, South Maharashtra in 2019 by Times Group of India. In addition, he also received the National Dhanvantari Jeevan Gourav Award in 2018.

About Dr. Pooja Dattatray Chopade Patil

Dr. Pooja Dattatray Chopade Patil comes from rural area Wadala Tal in North Solapur district, Maharastra. Her grandfather, a farmer, suffered from throat cancer. Dr. Pooja’s father, Pralhad Sathe, and mother, Shaila Sathe, tried to recover her grandfather by surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, but, unfortunately, they failed. So, her parents motivated her to become a Homeopathy doctor. She completed her BHMS Degree in 2010, before marriage, and Post-Graduation in Homeopathic MD (Pediatric) in 2019 from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences at Nashik, after marriage. She is an expert in treating all kinds of diseases and sufferings of children from all areas for a minimum charge.



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