Introducing MODEFYwear The First Clothing Brand Designed for the Modern, Active Religious Woman.

United States – 04-29-2019 ( — MODEFYwear is transforming fashion by offering tradional garments modified for today’s world. Our clothing is ideal for observant atheletes, professionals or any woman looking for clothing that will more freely allow her to live an active, digitall and modern life.

MODEFYwear is a game changer in the fashion world, reaching the fastest growing female population: athletic, medical, and professional women who are also observant/religious. The MODEFYwear line allows women to embrace their heritage without sacrificing fashion or comfort.. 

“We believe the playing field in sports, work, and life should be equal for everyone,” says company founder and CEO Melissa Scott. “Therefore. we have taken traditional athletic wear and garments and modified them for those who want more coverage, comfort, function, and more importantly, more pockets to cater to the modern & digital lifestyle.” MODEFYwear has received numerous awards and recognitions, including 2018’s “Small but Mighty Award by Inc. Magazine. It also appeared on “She Tank” where the brand won investments from TV celebrity chef Cat Cora, Grammy winning producer Nicole Ehrilch, philanthropist Cat Curry and True Religion Jeans founder Kym Gold. MODEFYwear understands the needs of women who dress in traditional garments (mainly Muslim, observant Jewish, and Indian women) and of athletes who dress modestly, and we want to give them fashionable choices that truly allow them to be more functional and comfortable in today’s digital era. Without compromising the integrity or style of their clothing, we want to make it easy for them to use modern technology such as cellphones, personal music gadgets, hearing aids, Bluetooth, stethoscopes and more. We’ve done this by designing the first ever hijab for the digitsl era, the first kurta featuring technology compartments and the first modest surf dress. We have incorporated the latest UV protection fabric, pockets and tech-wearable compartments in hijabs, skirts and kurtas. All designs abide by various religious guidelines of covering arms below the elbows and legs below the knees.MODEFYwear’s founder Scott served in an executive capacity for the Olympic Games for over 20 years and has been deaf since birth.  “While working for the Olympics and having to travel to places where the hijab is a cultural norm, I had a hard time wearing one over my hearing aids as the fabric made my my aids whistle and would block the flow of sound,” says Scott.  “Thinking I couldn’t be the only deaf person in all of the Middle East, I set out to design a hijab that I could wear and could share with other deaf hijab-wearing woman. At the same time, many hijabi athletes were interested in my designs as it made long hours of training more comfortable with our patent pending ear holes, interior pockets, and ear bands for hearing aides, glasses and Air Pods. Additionaly, we have had doctors singing praises of our hijabs because it makes using the stethoscope easier and more convenient”MODEFYwear is currently exclusively available at

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