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Thailand, Bangkok – 05-02-2019 ( — Medical Spheres Inc. – a PR and marketing consultancy which specializes in the medical and pharmaceutical industries — is proud to announce the debut of a new online medical platform in Thailand called Thailand Medical News. 

The platform is the brainchild of Medical Spheres co-founder Mr. Jakkapong Watcharachaijunta, encompassing local and international medical news and featuring several resource modules and various e-commerce platforms in one user-friendly site. Thailand Medical News serves a wide array of industry-related functions such as a recruitment station for medical staff, a medical forum for information exchange among providers and patients, a medical classifieds section and also a medical staff awards module, where individuals can nominate and vote for outstanding medical professionals or establishments in the industry including doctors, hospital and nurses. There is even a coaching module that help doctors and nurses deal with daily stress.

The site will be an all-encompassing medical ecosystem that will continually evolve to serve the local medical community, patients, laymen and ultimately the global interests of Thailand’s medical industry.

Although the platform is in developmental stages, it has already gained more than 850,000 registered followers combined with over 6,000 daily queries on its live chat platforms from locals and foreigners around the world.

Thailand is the leading medical tourism destination globally, and has the highest number of JCI accredited hospitals in Asia Pacific Region, and a workforce of 29,000 doctors, of which more than 80% have completed postgraduate work in advanced Western nations. Bangkok itself has more than 35 private 5-star hospitals rivaling the highest quality of private facilities in the United States or Europe at substantially lower cost. This large Bangkok-based international medical market can benefit from Thailand Medical News’ focus on this particular industry.

Taking the initiative, Mr. Jakkapong created multiple medical tourism sub-domains which cater to foreigners interested in aesthetic treatments, anti-aging protocols and major medical procedures. The health tourism platform, which will be the first of its kind, will have an online booking system featuring an “a la carte” menu where patients can book specific doctors, facilities, operating rooms and even their own nursing staff from the convenience of one platform. The pilot project, set to be launched by September 2019, will initially involve 10 hospitals in Bangkok with 400 participating doctors.

Allowing patients to choose what they would like in their care is a crucial step toward improving the level of Thai medical care and attracting new customers from around the globe. “The global medical industry must realize that the trend is now moving towards the patient-centric focus where patients want to be part of the decisions and treatments options and this represents just a beginning towards that realization,” said Mr. Jakkapong. 

The platform will be further upgraded to also include diagnostic options, treatment options and more. In the future, these services through Thailand Medical News will move beyond the borders to include more nations like the UAE, United States, Australia and other Asian countries.

Thailand Medical News will contain a comprehensive database where visitors to the site can search for doctors by specialty and region as well as locating pharmacies, drug manufacturing companies, medical device suppliers, and medical insurance companies. It is also developing the largest database of pharmaceuticals which will include even drug pricings at various outlets. The site will host a medical crowdfunding module, in which individuals or groups may raise funds to help fund treatment costs, for medical research or medical start-ups, or to finance the cost of post-graduate medical specialization. 

Thailand Medical News will feature an online shop where users can purchase medical insurance packages and high-quality FDA-approved devices at competitive prices. Thailand Medical News will also launch a branded credit card in partnership with a leading Thai bank which will be pre-approved for all doctors and medical staff. A proprietary brand of medical and health insurance packages, underwritten by one of the largest reinsurance groups in the world, is also being developed by Thailand Medical News. 

As an alternative to medical insurance, Thailand Medical News is currently developing a “health savings card” program designed for expats which can be used at participating hospitals. Compared to standard rates, purchases of the card will save up to 35% at hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and spas.

In terms of health education, Thailand Medical News will host online and also offline training seminars targeting both medical professionals and laymen, providing education on topics from disease management to lifestyle optimization. Thailand Medical News will support the Thai government in its initiatives to prevent disease through education, early diagnosis, and lifestyle modification. The site is currently developing over 37 free mobile applications to be used to support health management among the population and reduce the burdens on public healthcare. These apps perform a variety of functions, from glucose (blood sugar) monitoring to advising patients with easily-accessible strategies to prevention of STD transmissions. 

By September 2019, the fully completed Thailand Medical News ecosystem will have more than 265 modules and sub-domains, with a total of 46 medical apps linked to the site, serving various medical-related purposes. 

Representatives of various governments including Vietnam, UAE and also Canada have already approached Mr. Jakkapong to help develop similar platforms for use in their respective countries. Currently, he is working on more than 78 new sites as well as an array of medical platforms and apps including Thailand Cancer Help which features one of the largest collections of updated resources and information on cancer available on the web. 

Medical Spheres is developing a sister site for the US market, which will be launched in March 2020. The American site is slightly different and will be more extensive. A Lot of  research and content is already being collated and a huge team is being assembled to spearhead the project in America including collaborations with various healthcare and educational entities , pharma, biotech  and health insurance companies.

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