Advisorist and Copytalk announce their strategic partnership to put financial professionals and independent insurance agents in control of their digital marketing and business automation

BOSTON & SARASOTA, FL – 05-06-2019 ( — Thanks to a strategic partnership between digital marketing leader Advisorist and mobile financial transcription innovators Copytalk, independent insurance agents and financial professionals can master the digital strategies and business automation tools they need to grow their agencies today.

On Tuesday, Copytalk and Advisorist launch their strategic partnership to promote Copytalk’s array of mobile dictation, business tools and professional services with the premiere Advisorist marketing education and automation services—both essentials in today’s digital economy.“To keep up with the speed of business today, agencies need to be agile,” says Maree Moscati, Copytalk CEO. “To meet their growth goals, agents need access to smart digital marketing practices and state-of-the-art automation tools that are available on the go! For this reason, we’re excited to partner with the digital marketing professionals at Advisorist. Their ability to help agents improve their marketing expertise and get out in front of more qualified prospects complements our services for documenting sales calls.”Agents are booking more sales calls and consultations than ever. They’re on the move all day long, which means mobile efficiency is a necessity. Digital marketing and follow-up services happen in real time. No one has the luxury to leisurely wrap up at day’s end. The agent who has the digital and mobile tools to build social relationships and automatically set meetings then automate transcriptions with secure documentation of sales calls is literally working at the speed of business.“From standalone tools to suites, everyone seems to have has a strategy for helping business automate,” says Jeremiah Desmarais, founder and CEO of Advisorist. “But when a company can actually help its users change the way they do business—and for the better—we pay attention. Award-winning Copytalk does more than transcribe the documentation from sales calls. It speaks the language (and understands the terminology) of insurance and financial advisors. It meets compliance requirements, improves productivity and keeps transcripts secure—all on the fly. We are proud to partner with Copytalk.”Financial professionals and independent insurance agents recognize the challenges they face building and growing their businesses in 2019. On the one hand, they need new skills to reach, engage and build relationships with digitally savvy customers—particularly millennial prospects. At the same time, agents need professional services that can pick up the slack and make their workload more manageable.“The challenge facing agents today is specifically why we’re thrilled to launch this strategic partnership with Copytalk,” says Desmarais. “Together, we can help agents make the best use of their time,” adds Moscati. “And more time to spend with prospects and clients means better long-term benefits for their clients. This is a win-win-win.”About CopytalkFor almost 20 years, Copytalk has been the most prominent transcription service engineered to meet the financial-service industry’s rigorous standard of accuracy and privacy in the recording of dictated client-meeting notes and the preparation and delivery of transcriptions. It provides fluency with financial terminology, and one-touch dictation. Copytalker™ is patent-pending technology that allows advisors to dictate client-meeting notes directly onto platforms, dashboards and CRMs. Learn more at AdvisoristAdvisorist is a premiere online education and community platform for insurance and financial advisors. Classes are taught by best-of-breed industry leaders and instructors. Top Producers and celebrity thought leaders, such as Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, Zig Ziglar, NYT best-selling author Michael Levin and Baseball Hall of Famer Dave Winfield. The teachings featured in Advisorist have generated billions in premium sales and hundreds of millions in fees generated in 51 countries around the world. Learn more at

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