Giving the Greatest Gift of All: A Registered GRATITUDE AWARD® Is Free for Mother’s Day 2019 at Cheapo Queen (3605 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN 55406) and

United States, Minnesota, Minneapolis – 05-06-2019 ( — Clothing appears to be the gift of choice for Mother’s Day, according to last year’s Brand Keys Mother’s Day Survey. On Mother’s Day 2018, each celebrant spent an average of $220, and men, each spending $242 on his mom, outspent women by $44. 

 At the same time, just as many couples have found that appreciation is the greatest gift that they can give to their partners, children have long known that no Mother’s Day gift is greater than showing their moms just how much they appreciate them.Diva General, the parent of company of Minneapolis-based designer fashion retail discounter Cheapo Queen, has made it possible for people to immortalize their appreciation of their moms this Mother’s Day for free by giving a Gratitude Award®, as shown. Gratitude from Don to Mom“Mom, I know these are difficult days for you.But Mom, you can’t imagine the powerful impact you are having on us right now with your courage, your faith, your patience. Patty and myself never had a father and Bill was our adopted Father. And both our mothers have passed and you were our adopted Mom. Your strength and dedication in taking care of Dad for so many years will be rewarded in Heaven where someday we will all be joined together again as a family. You are the strongest woman we know and I believe that Patty comes from the same mold as you. Love, Your Adopted Kids.” This Mother’s Day, among the other gifts that we may be planning to give our moms, the Gratitude Award® could be the greatest gift of all, especially to show them that they have had a positive impact on our lives. “The capacity to express gratitude means that we’re extending attention beyond ourselves to perceive what someone has given us or done for us,” John Amodeo, Ph.D., says. “During a moment of gratitude, our eyes open to the existence of the other. Simultaneously, we register how their eyes opened to recognize our existence as separate from their own. They did something for us or with us. During that moment, they saw us, appreciated us, cared about us – and perhaps even loved us. Rather than take these precious gifts for granted, gratitude signals an appreciation for their generosity extending attention beyond themselves and into our world.”  A Gratitude Award® immortalizes our gratitude. You can issue one to your mom for free this mother’s day, 2019.                                                                                                                  

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