Small Business Week Spotlight: New Apparel Company Founder Chris Coriale Explains the Origin Story of How His Friends (Busy Professionals) Complained about Being Uncomfortable All Day Long.

United States, Arizona, Tempe – 05-06-2019 ( — With his busy professional friends wanting to look good AND at the same time be highly comfortable all day long, Chris Coriale discovered an opportunity embedded in the problem. Chris, also a busy professional in information security, shared their frustration.

“There had to be a better way to fabricate an undershirt” Chris wondered at the time.

After two years of designing and engineering the perfect undershirt utilizing a custom process and a new fabric known as Tencel, Chris knew he not only had finally had the perfect undershirt for his friends but for everyone else looking to solve the same problem: How to be super comfortable while being dressed for work.

The result was his new company Christopher J Apparel and their Signature Soft Undershirt called The Manhattan.

The Manhattan allows the comforts of Saturday and Sunday All Week Long.

Unlike most other undershirts that are limited to cotton, The Manhattan utilizes a new material known as Tencel.  The perfect blend of Tencel™ and Cotton material moves with you throughout the day. The fibers are naturally antibacterial and moisture wicking; leaving your skin cool and dry.

The Manhattan is an essential piece of clothing for your wardrobe. It is versatile and can be worn multiple ways. From your favorite sleeping shirt to a professional undershirt, it’s comfort and quality is unmatched. You’ll never go back to the infamous three pack at regular stores.

The Manhattan was also engineered with comfort and fashion in mind. With its length and material, it was designed to stay tucked in even on the most active work days.

The Manhattan material is created with sustainable and eco-friendly processes. It was designed in the USA and currently manufactured in Tempe, Arizona, USA.

More About Christopher J Apparel:

Christopher J. Apparel was founded by Chris Coriale of Phoenix, Arizona. Chris has spent over 25 years working as a software engineer, systems architect, and an information security professional.

His flagship product, the Manhattan, was inspired out of frustration. Chris was tired of being uncomfortable every day. The typical uniform in his line of work was button up shirt, slacks, and of course – an undershirt. Chris, being the software engineer/problem solver he is, set out to create the perfect solution to the necessary hindrance of undershirts.

After spending over 2 years engineering the shirt, the design is now perfect and ready for you to wear and enjoy. The Manhattan is designed to stay tucked in. Not only because it is longer than typical undershirts but because it is naturally and mechanically elastic. It will move and stretch with your body. The material is a Tencel and cotton blend that is amazingly comfortable. You no longer need to constantly tuck in your shirt or pull at your scratchy collar. Read more about Tencel.



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