Passionpreneur Publishing announces the global release of BREAKING CEILINGS

United Arab Emirates, Dubai – 05-09-2019 ( — The inspiring book by TARIQ A. AMRO is now available via major players in the global book distribution field


Passionpreneur Publishing has announced the release of “BREAKING CEILINGS – your company’s blueprint for achieving true sustainable growth” by Tariq A. Amro via the publishing industry’s largest global book distribution networks. The book is anticipated to have an inspiring and profound effect on its target audienceIn this must-read book, Tariq A. Amro shares invaluable insights on how Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) are struggling to deal with a multitude of complex challenges, whether it is the next disruptor, changing customer preferences or price pressures. Breaking Ceilings offers a practical blueprint to help business owners tackle the challenges that are preventing their business from achieving True Sustainable Growth. Tariq Amro tackles relevant challenges faced by SMBs in corporate mindset, strategy, operations, customers, employee engagement and much more. This book presents a complete approach which will arm your business with the necessary tools to become sustainable.
 The book is now available to inspire readers across the globe through the IngramSpark distribution network and other affiliates which will cover print-on-demand across the UK, Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. The e-book is available in 25+ online bookstores.
About The Author: Can We Fix It? YES, WE CAN! Seven simple words that sum up the focus of Tariq’s career. For over two decades, Tariq Amro has been advising companies on how to tackle tough issues head on; challenges like restructuring, cost optimization, risk mitigation, governance and value chain improvement.With a reputation for being the tough-love advisor, Tariq’s approach sets his clients on a trajectory towards success. A self-proclaimed guardian of business value, Tariq helps businesses traverse the treacherous path to True Sustainable Growth.
Tariq Amro’s 24 years of experience included a long stint in two of the Big Four advisory firms; as Partner with EY and Director at Deloitte. He is also a board member and advisor to several businesses.To learn more, visit: About Passionpreneur Publishing: An indie publisher, Passionpreneur Publishing successfully helps entrepreneurs and professional experts become internationally published authors in as little as 90 days. Passionpreneur Publishing boasts an all-star board of advisors from across the globe covering a wide spectrum of expertise around the books, publishing and media industry to ensure the application of global best-practice in every service offered and providing a worldwide network of some of the world’s top thought leaders.Passionpreneur Publishing specialises in transformational books including business, self-help and personal growth titles in order to help authors share their messages and gain credibility in their chosen fields.

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