Regenerative Medicine at the Crossroads

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Boston BioLife is a leader in life science education and has run over 20 hands-on training programs in regenerative medicine, providing education to more than 2000 healthcare providers since 2015.


Joseph Krieger, Founder and President of Boston BioLife, will discuss the specific details and nuances of the different biological sources, their clinical applications, research/evidence, and the current regulatory environment. In addition, Joseph will be reviewing some opinions and publications that have recently been expressed, which may potentially be helpful or hurtful to the evolution of this novel field. 


Regenerative Medicine has been evolving for the past 50-years. There are thousands of clinical and research focused publications in support of regenerative medicine. In addition, there are multiple regenerative medicine societies, organizations, and groups that are all contributing to a growing body of evidence supporting the utility of regenerative medicine. Learn where the supporting bodies of evidence may be found in the upcoming webinar(s).


Recently, many new biologics and several new providers have come into the field of regenerative medicine. Several of which, have brought negative press. There is an acknowledged adverse tone in the media regarding fraud and the potential for patient risk. Included in the webinar discussions will be suggested methodologies, strategies, and standards that should be in place when practicing regenerative medicine that will assist with compliance.


“It is my belief that regenerative medicine has tremendous potential in the future of healthcare. It is imperative that itis understood and executed at the highest scientific levels possible. It is critical that the healthcare provider understand the basic science, best clinical uses, and regulatory compliance when practicing medicine. It is my hope to provide education and resources in all areas of regenerative medicine for the betterment of the field and ultimately for best practices in patient care.” – Joseph Krieger, MA,Founder and President, Boston BioLife


Boston BioLife is an organization with a multitude of resources, valued relationships and collaborations with key thought leaders and organizations in the field of regenerative medicine. It is the goal of Boston BioLife to be a global resource for healthcare and technology providers, scientists, and patients. Several publications, resources, and links to important organizations such as the FDA, NIH, and many others may be found on the Boston BioLife website: under the FAQs/Resources tab.


“We intend to be a leader in this field by disseminating accurate and proven information for the benefits of healthcare providers and patients alike. Our next in person live event will focus on these issues and is a call to the market to be compliant, transparent and self-regulated as the future off this field hangs in the balance.” -Joseph Krieger, MA, Founder and President, Boston BioLife 


Quotes from Key Opinion Leaders:


“Regenerative medicine has a solid foundation in several areas of research and clinical applications although disparate and complex there is a constant evolution of new technologies and applications.” – Cade Hildreth, Founder BioInformant


“The field of regenerative medicine is growing at an unprecedented rate. As providers it is our responsibility to work closely with regulatory bodies such as the FDA in open dialog for the purpose of establishing safe and effective practices as the filed continues to evolve. As a stem cell scientist, as a manufacturer of perinatal products and as a witness to their potential to fill the voids in conventional medicine, I see my job, in large part, is to educate, continue to illuminate and help others navigate this complex, but very promising field.” – Ian White, Ph.D., CSO IMAC Regeneration Centers and Founder of BioFirma, LLC.

“The regulatory and compliance landscape of regenerative medicine is dynamic and evolving. Certain aspects can be counterintuitive and confusing. Having a basic knowledge of FDA guidelines, regulatory strategies and compliance is a must.” – Douglas Oliver, MSW, Founding Partner, Regenerative Outcomes, LLC


“Regenerative health management could set the foundation for how medicine will be practiced for the next 50 years. Like few other specialties, regenerative health management sits at the intersection of science, medicine, and business (and economics and psychology) and offers patients, physicians, scientists, and business people opportunities like few have seen in their lifetime. It is critically important to find ways to navigate the complexities of regenerative medicine and this includes realigning economics incentives.”  Mark Aubry, Founder and CEO of RHM, Ltd Co, a company that helps navigate the complexities of the business of regenerative medicine.


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