Vivify Ideas Joins a World Leader on an AI Project

NOVI SAD, SERBIA – 05-12-2019 ( — Serbian software development company from Novi Sad was recently asked by one of the trailblazers in legal AI applications to join them on the project which holds the potential to revolutionize the way large corporations handle their legal contracts.

The project is a solution that uses natural language processing and machine learning to help large companies (and organizations) make sense of the enormous legal databases such companies have, as well as to assist in negotiations of new contracts, dramatically reducing the time needed to analyze legal documents.Vivify Ideas already collaborated with the company in question on a different project and they were invited to build a team that will work on this new, exciting venture. Vivify Ideas’ team is already heavily involved with the project, constantly looking for and adding new AI talent from the region.The co-founder of the company, Goran Prijic points out that this is something Vivify Ideas has been striving for over the last couple of years, adding, ”We wanted to make sure that our first serious venture into AI development is something that will find widespread practical use and not just a gimmick. This is the perfect opportunity to participate in developing a solution that could one day be found in pretty much every Fortune 500 company, regardless of the part of the world.”CTO of Vivify Ideas also adds that this is the perfect opportunity to learn from the best and build an AI team that will be a leader in the region, “Of course, when a company like this invites you to work with them on such an advanced project, you jump at the opportunity. However, we are also making sure that our team is more than pulling its weight, that it is driving the project forward.”Due to the confidential nature of the project, the technical specifications will not be made public for some time now, but this is definitely a project that puts Serbia and the region on the AI map.

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