Advisorist and Ed Slott and Company, LLC announce their joint webinar to expand financial advisors’ education and training on digital marketing and retirement-planning topic

BOSTON AND ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY – 05-14-2019 ( — To better meet the financial needs of the ultimate end user—the American taxpayer—Advisorist and Ed Slott and Company announce a joint webinar to educate and train financial advisors on the digital marketing techniques for advisors to reach and engage consumers on the IRA and retirement-related planning knowledge their clients need to know.

On Monday, May 20, 2019, Ed Slott and Company, LLC and Advisorist launch their first collaboration to train financial advisors to 1) become knowledgeable recognized leaders in the retirement marketplace and 2) build an online following using digital marketing and social selling strategies.

“Financial literacy in the United States is at an all-time low,” says IRA Expert, Ed Slott, CPA. “The best hope for people’s retirement and financial security is access to well-trained financial advisors. But to educate as many people as possible, advisors need packed speaking venues and calendars full of meetings. They require the digital marketing skills to get noticed online and convert viewers into attendees and, ultimately, clients. I’m delighted to partner with Advisorist in this ongoing quest to train advisors who can educate and help their clients and prospects.”

Something is seriously wrong with the financial education process and ability of advisors to connect with prospective clients when only one in 10 Americans is financially prepared for the future (Primerica report). Ed Slott’s solution is to better train the trainers (the financial advisors). Arm them with practical, real-world, easy-to-understand strategies for IRA, retirement, tax and financial planning.

“Ed Slott is renown in financial circles,” says Jeremiah Desmarais, founder and CEO of Advisorist. “More than an educator and nationally recognized speaker, he is a thought leader in the industry. At Advisorist we’re looking forward to helping advisors reach their intended audiences using our digital marketing best practices. We are most proud to launch this collaboration with America’s IRA experts.”

The mere thought of digital marketing sends shivers up the spines of even the most experienced financial advisors. Because social selling and online relationship building is the Advisorist wheelhouse, their experts can remove the mystique and educate advisors in easy-to-use techniques proven to reach, engage and build relationships with the most digitally savvy customers.

“Before advisors can educate the American public on retirement and financial planning, they need to get their attention,” says Slott. “We’re confident Advisorist can help them reach out and connect online.”

“And what good is digital expertise without valuable content?” notes Desmarais. “Ed Slott and his team of IRA experts have the knowledge and programs to turn advisors into true financial resources.”

Introductory Webinars for Members

Advisorist members will have access to an upcoming live event, which is both an opportunity to receive the most current information and to engage in interactive discussion. The live webinar is Monday, May 20th:

  • From 12 Noon to 1:30 pm EDT, Ed Slott will speak with Advisorist members about 5 High-Value Retirement Tax Planning Conversations and will include time for audience Q&A. Register here.   

About Ed Slott and Company, LLC

Ed Slott and Company, LLC is the nation’s leading source of accurate, timely IRA expertise and analysis to financial advisors, institutions, consumers and media across the country. The company neither sells nor endorses any particular financial product. Rather, it is an educational company, that has been labeled America’s IRA Experts. Ed Slott and Company’s mission is to match consumers with competent, educated financial advisors. They work to train financial professionals to become knowledgeable, recognized leaders in the retirement marketplace and to continually provide practical, applicable and easy-to-understand information on IRA, retirement, tax and financial planning topics. Learn more at

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