Australian Diabetes Program a Decade Ahead

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 05-15-2019 ( — The past 2 years has seen a dramatic shift in the advice given to people with type 2 diabetes, a disease that has had health professionals around the world battling to slow down. But an Australian program has been reversing this disease for the past 12 years, and no the industry is catching up!

Researchers have known for many years that type 2 diabetes is both preventable and reversible, but for many Australians a diagnosis starts the path of many medication and slow breakdown of the pancreas, kidneys, heart and blood vessels. 

Exercise Physiologist Ray Kelly has been leading the way in this area since 2006, with a long list of successful programs that has helped thousands of Australians. “Back in 2006 I was getting very disillusioned with the industry and considered a change of career. The methods I had been taught just didn’t work as well as the text books promised. I decided to look at the research myself and found I hadn’t been taught the full story. My patients had instant success, and I’ve been evolving my program ever since!”, stated Ray. 

The key is weight loss to beating type 2 diabetes and heart disease is weight loss, something the health industry has been unable to provide, as stated in the report ‘Chronic Failure in Primary Care’ from the Grattan Institute.

But this has not been a problem for Ray Kelly, with just some of the successful programs on his resume including:


  • Assisting 100 GWS Giants fans lose 1,612kg in 12 weeks (Over the phone!), many reducing medications
  • Providing diabetes in remote communities that had patients removing medications for diabetes and high blood pressure within weeks
  • Training 2 winners from 2 attempts on The Biggest Loser Australia
  • Providing a nationwide weight loss program as support for meal replacement shake, Rapid Loss
  • A workplace health program at the Arnott’s biscuit factory helping 53 employees lose 643kg in 10 weeks

The good news is the past 2 years has seen a change in guidelines from health groups such as Diabetes Australia and the American Diabetes Association. The Western Australian state government is also taking control with a recent senate inquiry reporting that type 2 diabetes is both preventable and reversible, outlining a range of recommendations to combat the disease.

“It’s great to see the change coming through. The research has always stated that lifestyle programs should be the first treatment. Unfortunately, we’ve seen diet and exercise given lip service, with medications providing the backbone of treatment. It just hasn’t worked!”, said Ray, adding “With just 5-10kg of weight loss, many people with diabetes could have their medications reduced or completely removed by their doctor”

After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 30 years ago, Margaret Grimes knows just how much the disease can change your life. Over that time she progressed from taking a single tablet, to a range of medications including 4-5 injections of insulin per day. However, after just 7 weeks on the program, and after 20 years of taking insulin, her doctor removed it all together and 12 months later she is still going strong. 


Ian Outram is another success story, turning the disease around 3 years ago and never looking back. 


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