United States, California, Beverly Hills – 05-15-2019 ( — The Kona Tour is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn first-hand about gender equality and the history of feminism in Iceland, while also experiencing the breathtaking landscape that defines their progressive country. 

 Glacial Experience, an Icelandic based private tourism company celebrates feminism and gender equality with a one of a kind tour tailored to showcase the beauty of Iceland through the eyes of a feminist. A leader in gender equality, Iceland passed an equal pay act that dates back to 1961, but recently passed a law that will make companies demonstrate compliance, becoming the first country in the world to legally enforce equal pay. However, this kind of progressive approach is nothing new to a country that elected the world’s first female president in 1980 and the first openly gay female Prime Minister, Johanna Sigurdardottir, who was also Iceland´s first female Prime Minister.  “The Icelandic people have lived in a society of equality for so long that they don’t consider it groundbreaking, they consider it just the standard of life. But after living in other countries, I realized gender equality is not a global standard. I wanted to create a tour that would allow people a new perspective. Kona is the Icelandic word for “woman” and when I created this tour, I wanted to use the majestic background of Iceland to showcase some of our prominent women leaders and both educate and demonstrate how gender equality can help to build a prosperous society. Icelandic nature is so incredibly beautiful, but so is our gender equality.” Founder of Glacial Experiences, Kjartan Valgardsson states. Led by a team of expert female guides and drivers, the Kona Tour includes unique opportunities for travelers to meet female experts and politicians in Iceland’s gender equality sector, including specialists from our ministries and departments on social issues, welfare, and gender equality. The tour can also include a tour of parliament in Reykjavik, and excursions to the remote region where the country’s parliament was founded in the year 930. Icelandic native now living in Los Angeles, Viking actress, Ragga Ragnars grew up in this culture. “In Iceland, women are generally treated equal to men. This creates a culture where opportunities are available to men and women alike, allowing everyone in the culture to thrive. You can see the diversity in every industry, from our musicians and artists to our leading scientists and government officials.” As this tour is an exclusive private tour that is tailored to the interests of each individual, there are options to customize the experience for the individual’s personal journey, while being immersed in the unique beauty of Iceland.  Itinerary highlights can include:
• Exclusive tours of Reykjavík and Icelandic parliament
• A visit to the geothermal pools at the Blue Lagoon, which has a rich history of women-led scientific research• Private Q&A and dinner with Icelandic gender equality leaders
• Jeep excursions to the Golden Circle and Thorsmörk highlands• A hike on Sólheimajökull glacier
You can see the sample itinerary here. About the Kona Tour: A Gender Equality JourneyThe Kona Tour is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn first-hand about gender equality in Iceland, while also experiencing the breathtaking landscape that defines our progressive country. About Glacial ExperienceWe offer tailored private tours in and around Iceland: The south coast with its glaciers and black sand beaches or come with us on a unique tour on a super jeep to the highlands, the unbeaten path that few experience. 

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