SymSoil ® Inc. and GEOTEA Collaborating

United States, California, Fairfield – 05-15-2019 ( — Fastest Growing Agri-restoration Company and  
World Leading Compost Tea Machine Manufacturer Announce Expansion Plans.  

SymSoil, Inc. will become the West Coast Distributor of GEOTEA 250 Compost Tea Machine and GEOTEA Complete Activator sold in conjunction with SymSoil Robust Compost.  
In a joint announcement today, CEOs Elizabeth Pearce and Robert Posthuma released more detailed information about their upcoming partnership.  

The joint effort simplifies every Ag industry soil enhancement strategy to increase grower profits while restoring the soil, sequestering carbon, and reducing water needs. Designed for commercial use, the GEOTEA Machine is sold in 24 countries and now available in every state in the country. SymSoil has efficient, affordable products, manufactured with a patented and scalable technology to restore crop and soil specific microbes.   
“It is a profound relationship designed to take early adopters to the next level of ROI, bring more industrial classes of landscapers, cannabis growers, vintners, arborists, and more to creating a previously  unseen quick change in Ag practice and profits,” said SymSoil’s Elizabeth Pearce.  
GEOTEA’s Robert Posthuma added, “I have been in many aspects of the fertilizing business, and traveled internationally learning, educating, and assisting individuals and companies for more than 25 years.  SymSoil is the first such partnership I have added to my business. I am excited for both of us and the industry.”  
The combined efforts are expected to launch distribution in about 90 days.  

About SymSoil ®, Inc

A California “B (Benefit)-Corporation” has the first patent-pending scalable solution to restore indigenous crop-specific and regional soil-specific microbes. Its premier Robust Compost significantly and cost efficiently increases nutrient density and crop yields. SymSoil® Inc. holds an interdisciplinary collaborative approach utilizing corporate, community, academic and public research partnerships in bringing its innovative products (Robust Compost), services (Best Practice Certifications) and consulting business streams to market.  
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