The Heartwood Group Publishes Enlightening Book on Transformational Leadership

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An Executive’s Guide to the Essential Skills of Active Transformation

Executive coach and consultant Mark Uhlenberg and Valerie Tripi have published a book with Graphic Connections Group that will give chief executives worldwide the key building blocks to become a transformational leader. “I can’t coach everyone, but through this book I can impact more people,” said Uhlenberg. “My best hope is that reading this book feels like having an in-depth series of conversations with me. If you invest yourself into the work within this book, I know from experience that it will help you learn the essential and fundamental skills and perspective to actively transform as a leader in business and in life.”From early on, Uhlenberg felt the need to help others become “fully awake” to the possibilities in their lives and discover their true core purpose. This took many forms over the years — leading him from farm life to corporate leader to his present work as coach, consultant and author.Fueled by that drive to help others, Uhlenberg founded The Heartwood Group to help organizations define and accomplish their mission. This is a crucial step to driving active transformation, which effectively changes employee perspectives and attitudes to right the company ship and achieve meaningful results. It also creates stronger leaders. Their book, “Active Transformation”, challenges its readers to dig deep through a series of exercises and personal reflection that will ultimately help them to lead by example and become a role model for their organization. In addition to the everlasting value of self-reflection, “Active Transformation” helps key executives understand:- the need to have clarity of purpose along with a method to achieve it- the stark realization that a leader’s lack of clarity adversely affects those they are leading- the definition of “commitment” in the workplace- how the use of the simple tools in “Active Transformation” can genuinely change how you think and what you choose to doAlthough transformational leadership is not needed for every situation, it is a leadership style every executive should have in their back pocket. Its long-term effects carry a positive impact on the entire company. When done effectively, active transformation improves morale, inspires action and refines the strategic vision to achieve an organization’s primary objectives.“Active Transformation” is available in print and eBook formats worldwide on Amazon, Apple’s iBooks, Barnes & Noble,, Graphic Connections Group, Google Play and Kobo. About Mark Uhlenberg Uhlenberg is on a mission to strengthen the hearts of leaders as president, founder and visionary of The Heartwood Group, a leadership development consulting firm based in St. Louis. Through thousands of hours of focused, personal coaching Mark has worked with clients to successfully uncover the issues that limit their leadership capacity and personal goals. Mark loves the challenge of business, achieving “unreasonable” goals, and supporting the drive toward lasting solutions. His focus is to facilitate growth through a shared commitment to improve your business and life using transformational leadership practices. Mark’s clients and colleagues experience him as straightforward, sincere, and willing to lead and coach to achieve the results critical to their success. He has over 25 years of experience in corporate settings, 15 plus years as a business owner and holds a M. Ed in Human Resource Development. He is also certified as a Master Coach from the Hudson Institute of Coaching.  About The Heartwood GroupThe Heartwood Group is the result of a calling to help individuals and organizations discover, understand, and achieve their core purpose. Clarity of purpose drives a process of active transformation, effectively changing perspectives, perceptions and attitudes. Our approach fosters stronger leadership, communications, strategic focus and genuine transformation in those we serve. 

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