CFX announces ISO9001 Certification

United States, California, Milpitas – 05-20-2019 ( — CFX, the One-Stop Shop for nonvolatile memory technology and products announced today that it has achieved ISO9001 certification from the CNAS certification organization. “Achieving ISO9001 certification assures customers that CFX product will meet the highest levels of quality”, states George Wang, CEO of CFX. “while this is important for all semiconductor products, it is especially important for nonvolatile memories, as quality and reliability are tightly linked.

This certification is one of the first steps that CFX is taking to deliver the best nonvolatile memory products to the market based on NOR Flash, NAND Flash and Anti-fuse OTP technologies.” Certification Across All Offerings The ISO9001 certification covers CFX’s entire operation. As a result, the entire palate of products and services from CFX is covered, from standard product, to IP cores to custom product and design services.

CFX’s broad offerings allow customers to move from standard product to customized product or IP while staying with the same supply chain and enjoying the assurance of the same certified quality system. This enables customers to choose the optimum solution for their products at different stages of the production life cycle such as initial production, cost reduction and optimization/ About CFX CFX(Chuangfeixin Technology) is the world’s first one-stop shop for nonvolatile memory.

CFX brings state of the art OTP, NOR Flash and NAND SLC Flash technologies to the market in standard products. Additionally, CFX offers antifuse OTP/NTP/eFPGA , floating gate OTP/MTP, eNOR and eNAND technologies as part of their IP portfolio. This allows customer to choose the optimum system’s solution to meet a wide range of applications requirements. CFX is also focused on providing leading edge levels of reliability to the NVM market.

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