Self Care Catalysts Launches Health Storylines Creator, a Proprietary “Patient Journey” Platform to Generate Patient-Centered Real World Data

United States, Louisiana, New Orleans – 05-20-2019 ( — Self Care Catalysts, a patient-driven real world data and analytics company, announced today the release of the Health Storylines Creator Platform. The platform enables physician scientists and clinical trial researchers to create and deploy a wide variety of mobile tools to bring patient-centered Real World Evidence (RWE) into clinical care and research. Patients monitor and share their real world experiences and activities as they receive treatment, while physician scientists and clinical trial researchers monitor patient progress in real time, over time, capturing their full patient journey. The announcement was made and the platform was demonstrated today at the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) meeting in New Orleans, LA


In support of the Platform release, Self Care Catalysts is offering awards to researchers who submit studies that can receive the most benefit from monitoring patient journeys through the Health Storylines Creator Platform. Study areas can include: Oncology, Cardiovascular, Immunology, Rare disease and Neurosciences.  Self Care Catalysts will support the chosen investigators with research funding, protocol development, platform access, analytics, and publication. The call for proposals can be found at

“Typically, clinical trials or registries administer static patient-reported outcome surveys at clinic visits, asking patients to recall past events.  This approach is subject to memory degradation and biases.  A better approach is to continuously collect granular data to fill informational gaps, with a focus on key inflexion points, for example when patients opt to discontinue a therapy. Resulting data can facilitate understanding of the value of treatments to real patients.  Moreover, published research demonstrates that patients have better outcomes when they self-report on their conditions. So an ideal model is to collect information directly from patients during care, to simultaneously inform research and improve care,” said Dr. Ethan Basch, an Oncologist at the University of North Carolina and an Advisor to Self Care Catalysts.


Dr. Basch continued, “Patient journey data is a new kind of real world data with enormous potential.  It can improve our understanding of the holistic patient experience with disease and treatment, while enabling near-real time analyses to inform care decisions.”


Self Care Catalysts CEO and Founder, Grace Castillo-Soyao said, “The 21st Century Cures Act, now being implemented by the FDA, puts emphasis on capturing data in the real world, in the home and outside of the typical clinical trial setting.  Capturing real world data that are actually meaningful to augment clinical care and trials is an area of need across the pharmaceutical value chain. Our platform is now meeting that need, getting the right data at the right time and the right place, beyond the point of care.  Our goal is for researchers to get better data for research, and for patients to have better outcomes — so everybody wins.  We are also differentiated by building a platform that’s completely flexible and disease-agnostic for a wide variety of research protocols.” 


Self Care Catalysts is implementing the platform with clinical partners for research protocols which include severe asthma, cancer and heart failure.  Included in the network of clinical partners are major research institutions and clinical sites to be named in separate upcoming announcements.


“As health care moves into value-based contracting for care and medications, all parts of the health care ecosystem will need to show the value they create.  Capturing the experiences of patients during the 99% of time they are away from the clinic will be critical to demonstrating that value.” said Jared Adams, Chief Science Officer of Self Care Catalysts.


About Self Care Catalysts Inc.: Self Care Catalysts is a patient solutions, intelligence, and analytics company deriving value from patient-centered real world evidence designed to inform care management, treatment decisions, product life cycle management and behavior change interventions. More information may be obtained at

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