Gophermods is expanding MacBook repairs at their Minneapolis, MN stores.

United States, Minnesota, Minneapolis – 05-22-2019 ( — Gophermods is expanding MacBook repairs in Minneapolis, MN stores.

Founded in 2010 at the University of Minnesota. Gophermods is a Minnesota leading consumer electronics repair company with a specialization in the service of iPhone, iPad, MacBook and other recent technologies.

Since 2010, Gophermods has repaired thousands of MacBooks through their six retail locations based in Minneapolis, MN. Gophermods is excited to expand the Gophermods repair experience for even more Apple Macbooks. As with all repairs, there is no need for appointments and walk in repairs are preferred when your MacBook is in dire need of some TLC.

As of May, Gophermods now offers repairs for every modern MacBook, such as the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and MacBook Retina laptops. Gophermods has been able to repair everything conceivable, from shattered screens, failing drives to water damages on most MacBooks.


“Contrary to what you may have read on most tech websites, all MacBook batteries are replaceable,” says Casey Profita, Gophermods founder and owner. “Most MacBooks Pros built after the middle of 2012 are the most challenging to replace, but it’s not impossible when you train your technicians properly.”


The expansion of additional MacBook repairs in the Minneapolis market is part of the companies plan to flood the market with quality, reliable and affordable while-you-wait repairs for your MacBook.

Gophermods expanded MacBook repairs services help solve any device issues in the Minneapolis market. Profita continues, “Most battery replacements are 80% less expensive than replacing the MacBook with a new model, unless your a power user you don’t need to spend thousands replacing your MacBook every few years.”

Gophermods is aware that they are not the only repair shop vying to rescue your troubled Apple products. Part of the vision of Gophermods is to offer a complimentary service to the Apple store, without the high prices. In addition to competitive prices, Profita promises not only quality services but a personal, non-nerdy approach to customer service. “We’re the largest independent electronics repair shop in Minnesota with six repair stores and our customers know a real Minnesota Nice attitude when they encounter one.”


About Gophermods

Gophermods is a Minneapolis-based company that specializes in consumer electronics repair. Each year, Gophermods repairs thousands of consumer devices with quality parts and professional know-how. Gophermods is the one stop shop for full-service technology repairs.

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