She Sees Red: a new interactive thriller is coming to Steam

Kazakhstan, Karagandi – 05-22-2019 ( — Interactive films are the future. The young viewers of today love experiencing something new… and pushing buttons. Major players of this industry have already noticed the success of the first projects. They are interested in seeing more. Technology and markets are ready, and movie creators have brand new ways of telling a story and interacting with the spectators.

New team Rhinotales release the first pilot project on May 30. 

“She Sees Red” is an interactive live-action thriller full of drama, violence, and your responsibility.

Synopsis: There’s been a strange murder in a night club. A detective is doing her best to find the elusive murderer who continues their killing spree leaving abundant evidence behind. Make different choices to affect the plot line and reveal all pieces of the puzzle.

 – Dynamic and non-linear plot: it’s a short but intense story with four possible endings that depend on your choices.

 – Unconventional storytelling: the plot consists of two intertwined lines, and your choices in one of them determines the other.

 – Real motion picture: it is a live-action movie presented to you by true professionals.

While watching movie one makes a choice every 3–4 minutes, and all the choices have an impact on the plot. We believe this genre to have great potential as it means more tools for directors and more excitement for the audience.

English trailer: 



Here is the link: 

Tech details:

Dubbing language: English, Russian

Subs: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Kazakh, Czech, Polish, Czech, Turkey 

Number of endings: 4

Time of one playthrough: 30–35 min

Total time: 1 h 30 min

Platforms: PC (in the first place), MacOS, iOS, Android, Xbox etc.


We, Rhinotales team, have a substantial background both in game and in movie industries. Every one of us loves games as well as movies. And in the crossroads of these two loves the idea of interactive movies was born.


At first it was not easy. But we made our first movie to understand the production specifics and to get the necessary expertise to evolve more in this industry.


Interactive movie production differs a lot from the production of usual movies on all stages: writing, shooting and post-production have to be dealt with as a mixture of neighboring but yet different spheres. The project was complex and requires effort if 120 specialists from several countries. Today the key question for us is whether the market embraces our product. 


We hope that you’ll receive new emotions while watching our movie.

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Media Contact

Company Name: Rhinotales (LLP “Profland-2016”)
Full Name: Artyom Slessarenko
Phone: 77015357942
Email Address:

Media Contacts:

Company Name: LLP
Full Name: Artyom Slessarenko
Phone: 7015357942
Email Address: Send Email

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