New Product Helps Busy Women Get their Bling Back

United States, New York, Syracuse – 05-23-2019 ( — Elizabeth Helsley is a woman on the go. Between her career in international business and traveling from her home in France to visit family in the United States, she spends considerable time getting from here to there and back again. So, it is no surprise that her beauty brainstorm – The Sparkle Solution – was born at 10,000 feet.

 The Sparkle Solution is an effervescent jewelry cleaner that can be used anytime and anywhere that the user has access to a glass of water. Each kit contains a brush and 10 tablets that contain ingredients that loosen dirt and break down oils and residues while restoring shine. The cleaning process is simple: (1.) Drop a tablet into a glass of water with earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces or bracelets and soak them for about 30 minutes; (2.) Brush, rinse and towel dry the jewelry. It is proven safe on delicate pave diamonds as well as other fine or costume jewelry. It was also created as a solution to liquid cleaners that can leak into luggage or purses and requires users to put their jewelry back into dirty solutions for multiple uses.
“The idea for The Sparkle Solution came to me during a long-haul flight when I realized I had forgotten to clean my jewelry. I kept thinking about how I could be using the flying time to clean up my rings and about how many other busy women had the same dilemma in the course of their hectic days,” said Helsley, who comes from a family with history in the jewelry business. “I called a manufacturer when I returned home and we got to work on bringing The Sparkle Solution to women around the country.” “Bringing the bling back is the ultimate goal but my cleaner also tackles the bacteria and dirt that gets into jewelry,” she added. “Many people do not realize the amounts of contaminants that get into jewelry from cooking, gardening, working out or doing their hair and make-up. I think of The Sparkle Solution as a bath bomb for jewelry.” Helsley’s assertion is backed up by many noted medical doctors who hail from such prestigious medical institutions as Columbia University Medical Center and Newark Beth Israel Medical Center and cite dirty jewelry as a serious source of harmful bacteria and advocate for weekly cleaning and use of a brush to get into the crevices in rings and other jewelry.  According to one customer with industry experience: “I’ve been in the jewelry industry for 26 years and always wanted something easy and travel friendly for my clients and family out-of-state. This product blew me away, I was so surprised at how well it worked. It is the perfect jewelry cleaner for so many situations. I am so excited about buying these as gifts and giving them to my clients and friends all over the world!” Helsley notes that The Sparkle Solution is not for use on porous jewelry like opals, turquoise, pearls, and onyx but safe for all other non-porous jewelry. The Sparkle Solution is made in the USA and is priced at $14.97. It has a 5-Star overall rating from customers who submitted feedback. For more information and to purchase the product, go to 

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