New Sleep Aid Cosmo Surpasses Funding Goal on Indiegogo

United States, New York – 05-23-2019 ( — Cosmo, a new natural sleep aid designed to improve deep sleep, has completed a successful funding round on Indiegogo, surpassing its funding goal of $10,000 two weeks early. Whereas normal sleep aids just make you feel groggy, Cosmo works with your circadian rhythm to gently guide you to sleep and help you wake up refreshed.

“As a millennial never far away from my phone, I’ve always found it hard to turn off for the night and fall asleep. But most sleep aids leave me feeling horrible and groggy the next day. I set out to create something better,” says Cosmo Founder & CEO Daniel Foster.

The natural ingredients in Cosmo are designed to help people fall asleep faster and naturally improve sleep quality. “The more you can get out your of sleep, the more you can get out of your days,” says Foster. Cosmo includes only natural ingredients backed by scientific research: melatonin (the body’s natural sleep signal), L-theanine and GABA (relaxing amino acids found in tea plants), the mineral magnesium, and Valerian root.

Cosmo has been extremely popular among millennials and the “Instagram generation”– people who understand the importance of sleep but are wary of artificial ingredients. 

“The problem is traditional sleep aids don’t really help you sleep– they just make you feel groggy. People are starting to realize there is a better alternative.”

Cosmo complies with all FDA requirements for distribution in the United States and will begin shipping this summer. 

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