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In all European radios from May 27 the song “ENDLESS” first single within the EP “West Cross”Available on iTunes and in the main digital platforms After the great success of “Collision Course”, a piece released in October 2018, part of the album “Portrait of an Italian G Funkster” and which, in just a few weeks, enters the Italian Airplay rankings, StiLL G & Slapy are back on the radio and this time in all European radios with their first single entitled “Endless” taken from their EP entitled “West Cross” which will be released in 2020. The StiLL G & SLAPY single is available on YouTube, iTunes and on all digital and streaming platforms starting from May 27th.”Endless” is found inside the EP “West Cross”, work that was produced by the artists themselves.”West Cross”, is a “West Coast Rap” Milan duo consisting of StiLL G (Mauro) and Slapy (Mirko) both producers and rappers with inspiration purely of Hip Hop 90’s matrix that gives a nod to the West Coast genre of which they mainly outline melodic forms and lines with musical references to the various facets of black American music, such as Soul, Funk and the R&B genre. “Endless”, says StiLL G, is the first single of the west coast rap duo “West Cross” that is StiLL G & Slapy and speaks of a personal revenge. For too long those who made an underground rap very different from the masses were put aside and not even considered, many insisted on saying that the Hip Hop genre as it was known in the early 90s was dead and buried and that it was necessary to look at more sonorities modern, so when you did hear something of yours, a lot of staff, but different from the one you played on the radio, everyone labeled you as failed or ? nished, because the genre you do doesn’t matter nowadays and so if you want to get to a wider audience you have to make user friendly music. When “Collision Course” reached important positions in the national radio rankings of independent Italian artists, receiving great support from those who only listened to “modern music”, the spring started and once in the studio at Slapy we spread the text and said our to all those who have always snubbed us for our “old” musical genre. Slapy made me feel his own beat, I started playing my AKAI MPK MINI on his beat interpreting his mood in the instrumental and it was so that while I was playing the chorus, Slapy started singing on the same and so zero time we recorded a promo, everything worked out great and once in the studio by Bassi Maestro we recorded everything and packaged to make it more modern but with sounds always inspired by the wise west coast rap 90s. That was how “Endless” was born! In a nutshell, “Endless” is our revenge for all those prejudices of people not involved in the work but also in jobs that have never married the logic that you can still make great music with older but modern sounds, always respecting the canons imposed by the true Hip Hop without falling into a more electronic logic and too out of a culture that really has more than twenty years of history”.

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