“Finding Mold in a New Home” Infographic Demonstrates How to Check for Mold in Texas Before It’s Too Late

United States – 05-29-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Mold Inspection Sciences Texas, one of the state’s largest mold inspection and testing companies, has announced the publication of an infographic now available to view and download from the Mold Inspection Sciences Texas website. 

 The infographic highlights that there is always a possibility of mold when buying a home, whether the property is new or old. This resource is designed to show you where to look for mold, how best to detect the possibility of a mold issue, what type of environments mold thrives in, and the right questions to ask your home inspector, real estate agent, and seller.  So why should people read, reference, and share this tool?  “Buying a home is a big deal,” says Michael Bains, CEO of Mold Inspection Sciences Texas. “It’s one of the most important investments you will make in your life. The last thing you want to discover while you’re in the process of buying or moving in is that you have a mold problem.” Mold is a fungus that comes in a variety of shapes and colors. Mold can be visible and odorous, while other times it can grow undetected inside the walls, under the floors, in the ceiling, or places like your basement, crawl space, or attic. Mold thrives in damp areas, and in building materials such as paneling, wallboard, carpet, and ceiling tiles. Don’t be fooled; mold can grow in homes in the desert just as quickly as it can in homes located in humid or wet climates.  In most real estate transactions, a home inspection will be performed before finalizing the purchase. A good home inspector will be able to point out areas of concern when it comes to signs of water damage leading to a potential mold problem, but that is not always the case.  Bains points out that while a mold inspection isn’t usually required, it is a very good idea to conduct this type of inspection. Mold inspections are very specific and should be done by a qualified professional. The Finding Mold in a New Home infographic can be downloaded on the Mold Inspection Sciences Texas website, www.moldinspectiontexas.com/buying-a-new-home-infographic/About Mold Inspection Sciences Texas:
Mold Inspection Sciences Texas, www.moldinspectiontexas.com/was founded in 2007 by CEO Michael Bains with one simple goal in mind: to provide affordable, professional, and high-quality mold inspection and testing services to people across Texas suffering from the nuisance of mold. Over the past 12 years, MISTX has successfully performed and solved thousands of investigations, providing safer and healthier conditions for a wide variety of clients to thrive in.

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