H4 Solutions Provides Strategic Advice to Thruvision Leaders on the Future of Transportation Security

United States, Michigan, Trenton – 05-29-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — H4 Solutions, a leading aviation and transportation security consultancy firm, today announced that CEO Kelly Hoggan was invited to brief the Thruvision Board of Directors at the company’s annual planning meeting at Thruvision global headquarters in Abingdon, Oxfordshire in the UK. Hoggan, an internationally recognized authority on transportation security technology, provided strategic advice on the rapidly evolving global aviation market and delivered key insights on specific aspects of aviation and transportation security. 

Hoggan is a recognized expert in aviation security, having served as the Assistant Administrator for Airport Security Operations for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the US from 2013 to 2016 before moving into the private sector. In that capacity, Hoggan helped oversee the technologies and security protocols that passengers experience in airports around the world. H4 Solutions provides expert insights and guidance to the global aviation security industry as well as industry regulators.  “As the leading provider of next-generation people-screening technology, Thruvision technology protects the public from threats,” said Hoggan. “Thruvision provides safe, respectful, effective screening that is unmatched in the marketplace. They are uniquely capable of detecting threats and contraband while enabling the public to move quickly toward their destination whether in an airport or mass transit environment, an international border or an event. I’m pleased to consult with Thruvision as it works to help safeguard the public.”Thruvision is a leader in stand-off detection people screening technology used to detect weapons, explosives and contraband. With more than 200 units deployed in 19 countries, Thruvision technology is helping protect the traveling public in airports, mass transit environments, at events and with customs and border protection agencies. Thruvision technology is also used in loss prevention environments. Thruvision is the leader in safe, respectful screening, able to detect both metallic and non-metallic items and does not capture anatomical detail. “Kelly offers a unique combination of deep technical expertise and real-world experience of the global transportation security market,” said Colin Evans, CEO of Thruvision. “His practical inputs and strategic guidance have assisted us in moving Thruvision forward in a rapidly evolving market and we are pleased to have the benefit of his experience.”H4 Solutions provides comprehensive security, business and government solutions while advising clients in the transportation sector. CEO Kelly Hoggan has more than three decades of experience and uses his deep expertise in aviation security and operations to provide high-value services to customers around the globe. His work in both the public and private sectors has helped enhance the global traveler and passenger experience, all while assisting companies in staying ahead of the security innovation curve. For more information, please visit H4-Solutions.comAbout H4 SolutionsH4 Solutions is a premier transportation security consultancy with world-class expertise in aviation security, providing comprehensive security, business and government-specific solutions. H4 Solutions advises a range of transportation sector clients, with great expertise in aviation security and aviation operations, drawing on three decades of industry experience to deliver services to customers around the world, aimed at improving and enhancing the airline passenger’s travel experience. H4 Solutions provides focused advocacy work on behalf of its clients, creating innovative solutions for the rapidly changing aviation security and aviation operations spaces. H4 Solutions’ strategic advisory services assist many companies and manufacturers, airports and airlines as well as governments throughout the world in staying well ahead of the innovation curve.

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