ZAZ10TS Presents “Nature of Wonder” by Shony Rivnay | Opening June 13, 2019

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In order to reach a space where no rules apply, the artist connects to his own essence while he learns to let go of habitual artistic patterns. This juxtaposition between the known and the unknown, the habitual and the spontaneous opens up a path towards the essential. 
ZAZ10TS is pleased to present “Nature of Wonder,” a new exhibition by Israeli-American artist, Shony Rivnay, featuring his recent body of work reveals a natural curiosity towards form and matter. Comprised of a large series of vibrant paintings, they vary in size and technique, including the painting “Composition 7684” and “Composition 7661”. The exhibition that will run from Thursday, June 13 to Monday, September 2, 2019 at ZAZ10TS’ 10 Times Square office building located at 1441 Broadway in New York City.  ZAZ10TS will host an opening reception for the “Nature of Wonder” exhibition on Thursday, June 13, 2019 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the lobby of its 10 Times Square property. The reception is open to members of the media, as well as building tenants, visitors and the broader public. At 6:30 pm during the reception, Shony Rivnay will have a conversation with Dr. Kathy Battista (Scholar, Lecturer & Curator) and Sarah Crown (Art Historian & Curator) about his work and the inspiration behind his work. The opening reception is co organized by Naomi Lev (writer and curator). During a 2015 residency at I-Park in CT, Rivnay created in the midst of nature. Surrounded by insects, birds, and trees, Rivany took interest in organic patterns, and was able to express these natural reoccurring forms and rhythms in intimate drawings. Through this work he realized that in his art, shapes and concepts that first appeared in his childhood experiences are constantly repeated.  His father, an entomologist, would invite Rivnay to sit beside him and draw while he dissected and sketched various bugs. Over the years, this practice became not only a precious memory of a child and his dad, but also a painterly physical gesture.  Starting out with small and intimate sketches on paper in 2016, Rivnay’s works have expanded into larger works on canvas and paper. Rivnay uses Acrylic, oil, polyurethane, and epoxy to create a diverse range of textures and compositions. In the process of creating the paintings Rivnay does not use traditional painting techniques or postures – his canvas is usually set lying down on the ground or on a table and the act of painting is dynamic and non-linear. The artist moves around the canvas, turning it in all directions until he reaches a final composition. For that reason, when hanging the works, there is no up or down, but rather a free and organic choice of how the work is presented on the wall.  This non-linear painting process refers without a doubt to our free from thinking process – relating both to our emotional body and a conceptual observation of the world around us. In order to reach a space where no rules apply, the artist connects to his own essence while he learns to let go of habitual artistic patterns. This juxtaposition between the known and the unknown, the habitual and the spontaneous opens up a path towards the essential.  American composer John Cage used “chance” to create sound, and in his book “Silence: Lectures and Writings” he stated: “As far as consistency of thought goes, I prefer inconsistency.” This is the beauty of the work, and the wonder of its evolution – there is no clear knowing of what comes next, yet there are forms that organically reappear.  Titled “Nature of Wonder” the show provides a glimpse into obscurity, freedom, and a natural curiosity that we all experience in our creative lives. It is an opportunity to think, but also to let go of thinking. It is a pathway into joyous viewing and a simple understanding of how things work.
About the artist Shony Rivnay is an interdisciplinary Israeli-American artist based in Tel Aviv, Israel. He works in various media including painting, sculpture, video, installation, and performance. He has exhibited solo shows in numerous locations around the globe including SPRING/BREAK Art Fair (NYC), TEMP Art Space (NYC), Bosi Contemporary (NYC), Hamburger Bannhoff Museum Campus (Berlin), and Tavi Dresdner Gallery (TLV), and has participated in group shows in venues such as Youkobo Art Space (Tokyo), Artilife for The World Gallery (Venice, IT), CICA Museum (South Korea), and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Tel Aviv), among others. Rivnay has participated at the prestigious I-Park Residency (USA, 2016), and HomeBase Residency (Germany, 2012). Recent solo shows include “How Things Work” (2018) curated by Nogah Davidson at Nulubaz Gallery in Tel Aviv, a show at The Yard — Columbus Circle, NYC (2019) curated by Sarah Crown, and an upcoming solo show at Beit Haomanim in Tel Aviv (2019) curated by Arie Berkowiz. His works are in private and public collections worldwide. He holds a BFA from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel.  About ZAZ10TS ZAZ10TS is an ongoing cultural initiative that integrates art into the office building at 10 Times Square in New York City (1441 Broadway). Conceived by Tzili Charney, ZAZ10TS employs the building’s façade, lobby interior and immediate environment to bring art and culture to the building’s community, visitors and passersby. ZAZ10TS takes pride in scouting and showcasing young and emerging talent, as well as special needs artists, as part of its programming. In addition, ZAZ10TS partners with other organizations nationally and internationally to support art. To learn more, visit and @zaz10ts.  Media Contacts:Limei Wang | [email protected]

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