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United States, Colorado, Denver – 06-05-2019 ( — Have you ever wondered how to make it big in the legal cannabis industry? Check out the new book by Anthony Frishchknecht. From Black Market to The Man is a fascinating book from Anthony Frishchknecht, detailing the steps needed to make millions in cannabis. Anthony has owned and managed multiple cannabis businesses in the United States and this book offers ten simple steps for success. The foreword of the book is a chronological story with true anecdotes written by the previous President of Mexico – Vicente Fox.

Anthony feels that anyone, in any situation, will discover how this book offers a unique opportunity to find out more about the rapidly-growing new industry. The book is a valuable guide to building a successful marijuana business, which begins with taking the first steps towards becoming a multi-millionaire.Anthony currently owns three businesses in the cannabis sector: Ideal Harvest, Essential Extraction, and Flow 360. He leads business expansion and negotiations in new territories for all these organizations.”I wanted to share the secrets of my success in the industry and inspire anyone interested to start a business in this bold new sector,” says Frischknecht. Anthony has been successful in the industry for the past 14 years, creating and selling multiple companies. He has been featured on the cover of Newsweek, The New Pot Barons (October 29, 2012) and Cannabis Business Times, Ten Questions (September/October 2016).Anthony started his first medical marijuana business Highway to Healing, a small caregiving service in Fort Collins, Colorado. By the age of 35, he owned two indoor growing facilities and dispensing outlets, producing sales of $6.5mil annual revenue. In 2012 he co-founded the highly successful cannabis brand O.penVAPE. The vaping products and edibles brand produced sales of more than $100mil in 2016.Anthony has transitioned his expertise into ancillary products in the industry. He holds many global patents for a “vertical grow” system which was invented for Ideal Harvest. Anthony is excited by how the cannabis industry is evolving into a legitimate and viable business sector. One of his latest inventions from Essential Extraction Corp is a personal use home extraction machine, which is likely to revolutionize the way consumers make their own cannabis oil.A variety of valuable bonus videos and uploads are also included with any purchase of From Black Market to the Man.Anthony Frishchknecht can be contacted via phone on 3039600123, by email at [email protected], or on Facebook at His LinkedIn profile is: and more information on From Black Market to the Man can be sourced at:

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