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EDMOND, OK – 06-06-2019 ( — Physical Medicine of Oklahoma has been one of the first clinics in Edmond, Oklahoma, using innovative Regenerative Medicine treatments. Since 2014, Physical Medicine of Oklahoma has been helping patients get back to living healthy lives with reduced pain. The staff at Physical Medicine of Oklahoma is committed to helping patients reach their health goals by using Regenerative Treatments. They believe the body has a powerful and innate ability to heal itself, but sometimes it may need an extra boost along the way. Those seeking an alternative to surgery or pain medications may benefit from Regenerative Medicine treatments. Regenerative Medicine treatments contain cytokines, growth factors, mesenchymal stem cells, collagens, proteins, peptides as well as a number of other healing components.  Physical Medicine of Oklahoma’s team of highly trained doctors and staff are here to find the right treatment plan for their patients.

Regenerative medicine involves the process of aiding in natural healing our bodies already possess. On its own, our bodies have many natural healing properties. However, as we age and experience injuries, healing becomes a more difficult task for the body to accomplish. When we age, our cells do too. Healthy, youthful cells that are found in the Regenerative Treatments have the ability to differentiate themselves into the appropriate cell that is needed to repair an injured area. When a young child falls and hurts themselves, their bodies seem to heal injuries overnight. Their cells are young and proficient. For this reason, Regenerative Treatments are composed of young, Wharton’s Jelly-derived growth factors. Wharton’s jelly is found in the umbilical cord tissue of newborn babies. Mothers donate this tissue at the time of their scheduled cesarean section. The mothers are fully consenting and carefully screened. The collection of Wharton’s Jelly causes no harm to mother or child. When these treatments are introduced to a patient seeking relief from pain, the healing cells are attracted to areas of inflammation. The cells travel to this inflammation, dock, and then go to work repairing, replacing, and instructing surrounding tissues. The goal is to repair the underlying damaged tissues, alleviating pain naturally. Physical Medicine of Oklahoma has five years treating patients with Regenerative medicine under their belts and has helped many obtain their health goals in a natural, surgery-free, and medication-free way. Dr. Micheal Zann McMahan, MD performs these Regenerative Treatments at the Oklahoma office. He is a Doctor of Medicine, obtained from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine and completed his Residency at Great Plains Family Medicine.  Learn more about Physical Medicine of Oklahoma’s process and what their patients have to say about the treatments.

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