What You Actually Get from Cheap Press Release Distribution Services: Exposed!

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas – 06-06-2019 — Cheap press release services guaranteeing exposure for your company are easy to find on the Internet. There are many of these services at competitive price points. The question is which of these is actually the best deal, and what is the actual outcome for the average user?

We went out and did the math for you!

These are the results from the cheapest packages offered by these companies.

PR Distribution’s packages start at $69 with their Premium service. This package gets your press release syndicated to hundreds of quality media sites for the average user, as well as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Google News and Bing News.

The biggest news here is that you get guaranteed placement to 35 or more media outlets. This equates to $1.97 per guaranteed placement, which none of the other services on this list come close to matching. Taking the total syndication into account, you’re paying on average $0.35 per media site.

24-7 Press Release features Visibility Boost at $49 as their cheapest press release package. This package gets syndicated to “50+ premium news sites”, but with zero mention of guaranteed placement. You are effectively paying $1 per media site.

PR.com features an unnamed package at $60 as their cheapest press release package. At this level, they syndicate to 12 total “Industry” or “Regional” outlets, as well as Google, Yahoo, and Bing news.

There is no guarantee on how many media outlets actually place the press release, so we ran a Google search for some of their headlines. Their average press release gets syndicated to 5 low quality websites. These sites are generally not considered real media outlets—see screenshot for proof. You are effectively paying $12 per actual placement on a low quality site, and roughly $4 or less per individual exposure of the press release.

Newswire.com features their Premium package at $119 as their cheapest press release package. They claim syndication to “250+ media outlets” and have zero guaranteed placements.

According to our research, the average press release gets syndicated to 30 media sites—see screenshot for proof. You are effectively paying $3.97 per actual placement on a media site, and $0.48 per individual exposure of the press release.

PR Buzz’s defining feature used to be an “Unlimited Press Release Distribution” package at $299 per year. This package was debunked and exposed as a scam here. Your press release would be posted on their site website and possibly a handful of low quality websites that they owned. As of May, 2019, it seems that this package is no longer available for order, as seen here. Their current status in the press release industry is unknown.

In this current market, it is clear that PR Distribution is the #1 cheap press release distribution company with a return on investment that leaves the competition behind. The $69 Premium package with 35+ guaranteed media placements, and syndication to hundreds of other media outlets including Google, Google News, Bing, and Yahoo, is unbeatable at this price point. And for even better ROI, you can step up to their Premium Pro plan with 100+ guaranteed placements or Premium Concierge with an incredible 200+ guaranteed placements!

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