“HIT THE BEACH!” Honoring the Greatest Generation and the 75th Anniversary of D-DAY, HR GAMES brings World War II tactical strategy to handhelds with T.A.C. HEROES: BIG RED ONE™ for PlayStation® Vita

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June 6, 2019
Honoring the Greatest Generation and the 75th Anniversary of D-DAY, HR GAMES brings World War II tactical strategy to handhelds with T.A.C. HEROES: BIG RED ONE™ for PlayStation® Vita and PSP®  

REDWOOD CITY – June 6th, 2019 – From the North African Coast to the shores of Sicily and the forests of central Europe, men of the 1st Infantry Division led the way toward the liberation of Europe and the eventual defeat of the AXIS powers.  Italians, Vichy French, and Germans all faced and fought these gallant men across the battlefields of Europe and North Africa.  The exploits of the US 1st Division have been brought to strategy gamers everywhere in a turn based isometric game.  Created and developed by Hoplite Research, LLC with scenarios and Campaigns based real events, players will try their hand at leading a squad of men to victory while managing the tactics, weapons and keeping the squad alive to fight another day.  

Take command of a squad of the 1st infantry Division or any one of the Italians, Germans or French in Scenario mode, and enjoy the fun of squad strategy and tactics on the PSP® and PlayStation® Vita handheld entertainment system.  
“What we owe these great Americans who served in all branches of service is immeasurable.  What we can do as digital story tellers is enable the newer generations the ability to learn about and understand the great struggle to keep Freedom alive.” said Manny Granillo, CEO HR GAMES. “T.A.C. HEROES: BIG RED ONE allows the user a window into the past and the PlayStation® handhelds are an ideal platform for it.”  

HR GAMES has focused on releasing challenging and fun strategy games on Mobile and Console platforms most recently with the release of QUAR: INFERNAL MACHINES PS4® VR. 
T.A.C. Heroes: Big Red One ™ is available now for the PSP® and PlayStation® Vita handhelds on Playstation® Network at a Special D-DAY price!   Come back to Basic Training and remember how great it was to play a Strategy Game!

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