Stark Drive Part Trois: The Innovative Electric Bike Company Revolutionizes the E-Bike Industry Again, This Time with its Affordable Torque Based Folding Bike

United States, New Jersey – 06-07-2019 ( — The Stark Drive Torque is the brand’s contemporary effort in response to its immensely popular Stark Drive e-bike 

 STOCKHOLM, Sweden—On the heels of 2017’s successful launch of its widely popular Stark Drive e-bike, Scandinavian electric bicycle design gurus Stark Drive are set to usher in a new era of affordability and power in the e-bike market with the Stark Drive Torque.  The Torque’s August 2019 launch is set to disrupt the e-bike industry thanks to its affordable price tag, extraordinary power, and unrivalled portability. Stark Drive will build each Torque from the ground up, including the frame. Designed with portability in mind, the bike will feature a foldable frame construction that allows riders to easily take it anywhere, including public transportation. With the launch of the Torque, Stark Drive is set to challenge other competitors in the e-bike market thanks to its powerful engine and innovative features not found on other e-bikes even in the equivalent hub motor bikes price range. A powerful Bafang mid-motor drive configurable power up to 1000W. Additional high-end features include fingerprint recognition, wireless charging, NFC unlocking, and a completely redesigned battery pack that doubles as a high capacity portable power bank.  Unlike the majority of e-bikes on the market that operate at 36V, the Torque Max operates at a systemwide 48V’s. The result is higher torque and speed than its hub motor based competitors delivered at a lower price and more responsiveness. Stark Drive will offer the Torque at more affordable price than even its hub based competitors, making it the ultimate value in mid-motor, torque-based folding bikes in the marketplace.  Chock full of amenities and more powerful than other hub-motor based electric bikes in the world, Stark Drive’s Torque will offer two models, starting below $1,000. The entry level Stark Drive Torque is a powerful, EU legal e-bike featuring a powerful 250W mid-motor drive that generates 95Nm of torque.  The Stark Drive Torque Max offers a more powerful mid-motor drive, with a total system-wide voltage to 48V. The model is offered exclusively in a fat tire format with a heavy-duty frame and upgraded shocks and brakes. Stark Drive Torque Max will be released in two power variations, 750W and 1000W depending on your regions legislation, offering options for both everyday commuting or off-road adventure.  This is Phase four of Stark Drive’s masterplan, which included the 2017 Stark Drive, as well as the company’s 2018 release of the Stark Drive Mini, which boasts models starting at $299. Following the launch of the Torque, Stark Drive will move into Phase 5 of their masterplan with a carbon-fiber based, 20’’ fat tire, mid-motor drive electric bike in 2020. Stark Drive has thus far had a solid global effort, selling thousands of e-bikes across the globe, from Iceland to Fiji and from Norway to South Africa. To learn more about the Stark Drive Torque and stay up-to-date on launch news, visit Stark DriveWith an eye for innovation and e-bike accessibility for all, Stark Drive is an innovative company challenging the notion of affordability in the e-bike market. Backed by manufacturing practices that are designed to deliver cost-effective solutions to consumers without sacrificing quality, Stark Drive believes that everyone should have access to reliable e-bike technology at a budget-conscious price. To make this vision possible, CEO and founder Oscar Stark has tapped into his vast network of contacts in the manufacturing and transportation industries to produce the world’s most powerful and affordable e-bike. 

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