Lonegrade Launches New Line of American-Built Watches

FARMINGTON VALLEY, CONNECTICUT – 06-17-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Championing the potential for well-priced homegrown products, Lonegrade hopes to subvert the rising trends of fast-fashion and throwaway culture.

Lonegrade, a new luxury minimalist watch brand, has officially launched a new line of watches built in the United States. Lonegrade’s watch line will offer consumers an alternative to paying overblown luxury prices or settling for cheaply made products built overseas. Constructed with the idea of lifelong use, Lonegrade watches feature heirloom-quality components and are built using the best of today’s domestic manufacturing methods.

As consumers increasingly seek intentional purchases and brands driven by purpose, Lonegrade has set out with the mission to offer consumers the chance to buy once and buy well. Developed by Jeremy Szechenyi and Travis Tyler, two watch industry professionals with backgrounds in the startup and advertising realms, Lonegrade hopes to set a new standard for the U.S. premium watch category.

“If time telling was the only goal, our phones would do the trick. For us, watches represent something more meaningful. They embody the story of each wearer; their accomplishments; the places they’ve been; the life they’ve lived,” says Travis Tyler, Chief Creative Officer at Lonegrade. “But with the rise of more smart watches, we’re losing the potential for wearable products that tell a genuine story, that can be handed down to future generations. With Lonegrade we’re championing the idea that products should outlast us. That watches can and should experience more than one wrist in their lifetime and represent important moments and memories, and the people we cherish.”

The HDR140, the inaugural model from Lonegrade, is a unique take on an everyday watch that blends the best of classic design elements and modern minimalism. Each watch is hand built in the United States from premium components and materials like surgical grade 316L stainless steel and durable sapphire crystal. The HDR140 also features an ultra-reliable Swiss-built movement as well as a full-grain leather watch strap, also produced here in the U.S. Finding the sweet spot, says Szechenyi, where consumers are getting the best value while also allowing business to keep moving forward, is exactly the gap in the market Lonegrade hopes to fill.

“Many independent watch brands on the market today either rely too heavily on the narrative of heritage or the promise of the highest quality at the lowest price point, which just isn’t realistic or sustainable. Alternatively, the large corporate brands that can delivery on quality come with large markups,” says Jeremy Szechenyi, Chief Executive Officer at Lonegrade. “We knew that creating the quintessential watch — one that would span multiple lifetimes without taking a lifetime to purchase — was possible. We just had to define and manage the process, from beginning to end.”

The HDR140 is available internationally through Lonegrade’s website for $495.

About Lonegrade
Lonegrade is a luxury watch brand designing and assembling timepieces in the United States. As consumers seek alternatives to traditional luxury product markups, they also look for brands with purpose and intentionality. Lonegrade was born to set a new standard for the U.S. luxury timepiece category that embraces longevity and rejects the idea of having to update your wrist every season. Equal parts timeless minimalism and modern American styling, the Lonegrade Collection is designed to endure both time and trend.


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