Phones Are Changing the Way We Donate and Fundraise

United States, Minnesota, Minneapolis – 06-17-2019 ( — Everything is on mobile these days.

With the simple touch of a button on your phone, you can order food and rides.And it makes sense why businesses and organizations would pivot to mobile, as recent studies have shown that 95% of Americans have a cell phone, 77% of whom have a smartphone. In other words, there is plenty of opportunity for growth within the mobile sector.But the mobile boom is more than ride-sharing and delivery apps.For example, the emergence of ‘text-to-give’ has revolutionized the way we fundraise.According to CTIA, 6 billion text messages are sent each day in the US and text-to-give also has the additional benefit of not needing to be downloaded.It’s clear to see that organizations have an opportunity to take advantage of the popularity and convenience of text giving.More people are also likely to donate to a cause or to help an organization if they can do it with the simple sending of a text message. Less than three days after the earthquake in Haiti, the Red Cross was able to collect $8 million in donations through a text-to-give platform. While disaster fundraising is one area that will improve from text giving solutions, many other organizations and groups can benefit as well.One type of organization that is using text-to-give to assist in fundraising is churches.“Church members want to give to their church. They want to give back, but traditional methods may limit their likelihood of being able to donate,” says Wendy Hanson, the Vice President of Marketing at mobileAxept, a company that proves digital giving solutions for churches.Those traditional methods include envelopes at church events or donating in person with cash or checks.“We no longer carry cash or own a checkbook, but we do have a cell phone. If you can text, you can give. Text-to-give allows members of a church to donate anytime and anywhere,” concludes Hanson.Churches that make the shift to teaming up with a company like mobileAxept are not only going to see more donations, but more enthusiastic donors as well.According to a recent State of the Plate Study, 68% of churchgoers want digital options when it comes to donating. This compared to the 14% who want giving envelopes available for checks and cash.The present and future are digital. The sooner churches start to recognize this, the more donations they can expect to receive.

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