LOS ANGELES, CA – 06-17-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — You may have written that song, rehearsed it several times, but your dreams of getting the world to hear it and making it an award-winning song requires one more step. 

You may have designed your game with the latest of technology; you may have placed all the effects in all the right places, yet something is missing: something very vital.

You may have the best script for your radio or television adverts, all excellently written and primed for delivery, but one vital aspect is missing, and it is the recording or production process that will turn your lines on paper into vocals that are well-edited and beautiful to listen to.

Every written song needs a studio where it can be recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced with the best of equipment, filled with all the vital instrumentation, all of this done by the best of producers.

Every game or movie needs a top rated recording studio and music Production Company to produce soundtracks with the best of effects, and every feature, sound, and music inclined, that films and games require.

Most recording studios and production companies are either too archaic or have producers who are not experienced enough, which becomes the major challenge for their clients.

Theft of intellectual property due to studios that are not secure or staff that are not trustworthy, to the production team that does not understand the client’s needs to technology or equipment that are not up to date. 

These are just a few of the challenges most musicians, singers, and artists suffer at the hands of other production companies.

Such challenges are familiar with these companies and not with the silent note recording studio and music Production Company.

The silent note recording studio and music Production Company is a world-class, hi-tech, and top of the range recording studio and music Production Company. In the silent note studios, excellence defines the way music is produced, and services are rendered.

Past clients always come back because they know that they can trust the silent note for doing the exceptional always.

From vocals which are crystal clear and extremely audible to the perfect infusion of different kinds of drums, harmonica, guitars and other stringed instruments, all depending on the genre of music you want to produce and the amount of instrumental you want to include. 

Services rendered by the silent note company extend to much more than music production alone; The Company also provide consultancy services which range from music video directing, music genre selection, film scoring, voice-overs for radio and television adverts, soundtracks for radio and television adverts, music production, video production, and photography.

The Silent note not only offers consultancy services for the processes listed above; interestingly the company also records, edits, and produces podcasts for those interested. With a team highly professional and extremely proficient team which is made up of award-winning individuals with an outstanding pedigree from the CEO to the studio workers all of who put their experience and expertise together to ensure that every work you bring to the studio leaves the studio better and more brilliant than it came. 

The goal is simple, the intention stands out, and the company’s passion is expressed in the following lines.

•To attract and work with world-class musicians, new and established artists, singers from all parts of the world, podcasters who have a knack for good content and YouTube stars from the world over.

•To attract and work with individuals who have personal projects which might include films, documentaries, advertorials, music scoring, and voice over for games and the projects listed above.

•Finally, the stable and influential network, built over the years is a testament that the silent note company believes that indeed Network is power.

The Silent note knows what the client want and needs, and it is expressed in the following lines.

The Silent note studios offer the best of comfort and security which every client needs as they make their music, conduct their business, and create unique content. 

Because every good artist needs an equally great production to become the world-best –ONLY TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK. The silent note studios are in the business of making ‘your dream’ work.

The company, Silent note was co-founded and is headed by Ramin Sokouty who has a musical pedigree as he belongs to a family with a background in making musical instrument most especially handmade Persian Setars.

Besides making Setars, Mr. Ramin’s father is a famous setar player, and his uncle still teaches music as he has been for twenty years. 

Mr. Ramin has explored the world of music from childhood to present day, with influences from his father, uncle, and his travels. 

He is not just a CEO but an audio engineer and a Music and sound producer.

Niloofar Tehranian is the Co-founder, designer, and director of the Silent note, as an award-winning architect, she brings all her years of experience and creativity to bear in designing and running the silent note as a music company. She combined the best of materials to achieve the best environments for sound production as each room in the studio comes with its unique sound and are all equipped with the latest and very best of equipment.

Hasti Sabbaghan, trained as a dentist and is known as a celebrity dentist, but her role in the company involves editing and checking materials for publication and handling public relations related issues.

This duo and the CEO at the helm of affairs, working together with the team of professionals make the Silent note a formidable force to reckon with.

Whenever you are in the city of Los Angeles, you can stop by and have a tour of the facility located in 951 S, Main Street, Suite 160 Los Angeles, CA 90015.

But if you’re not in the vicinity and you need to talk to any of the courteous and well-trained customer representatives or make enquires of any sort, you can call 310-4988439. 

You can get further information on the website: www.thesilentnote.com.

Or send an email to [email protected]

To find out about promotions, booking rates, and other offers.

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Full Name: Ramin Sokouty
Phone: 310-4988439
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Website: https://www.thesilentnote.com/

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