Mobile Ready Vibration Analysis, Dynamic Balancing, Online Monitoring and Laser Alignment Released

United States, New York, South Glens Falls – 06-19-2019 ( — Erbessd Wireless Machine Monitoring Technology Further Defines the IoT Space

Erbessd Instruments is proud to announce the latest leap in technology for machinery health monitoring. The newest version of the WiSER Vibe application combined with EI-Analytic cloud monitoring and data integration bring full featured machine health analytics into the pocket of every customer via their iOS device. Erbessd Instruments Solutions Award Nominee Phantom Wireless IoT Sensors, WiSER Wireless Accelerometer’s and Shaft Ace Laser Shaft Alignment hardware combined with iOS portability and EI-Analytic deliver unrivaled portable machine health monitoring solutions for users worldwide.

As technology evolves, Predictive maintenance tasks become easier, and Vibration Analysis, Dynamic Balancing, and Machine Alignment as we have known them is changing. Wireless systems are making our lives easier and more secure, giving engineers more freedom to solve complex problems without the need of bulky wired data collection systems.

WiSER Vibe 3.0 with Machine Inspector & Embedded Smart Alert & Alarm Technology

The WiSER suite of iOS applications now seamlessly integrate to create a unified predictive maintenance solution in the palm of the user’s hand. Machine Inspector gives the user real-time machinery status with instantaneous  machine alarm SmartAlert™ push-notification capability; enabling critical decisions with machine health information when and where it is needed…in the palm of the customer’s hand. Portable Analysis using the WiSER suite of Wireless Accelerometer’s now features embedded real time ISO 10816 and Acceleration Envelope SmartAlert™ alarming along with embedded SmartAlert™ when connected to the EI-Analytic cloud monitoring and data integration service. 


  Totally Portable…Totally Reliable…Totally Safe…Completely Wireless..


One Portable Integrated Predictive Maintenance Solution

Following the ERBESSD strategy of making vibration analysis affordable, available, and accessible the industry leading WiSER 3.0 application for iOS combines decades of experience, best practice, and internationally accepted standards to deliver the most comprehensive portable predictive maintenance decision-making and action-enabling solution available. 

Michael D. Howard, Chief Executive Officer of ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS stated “Our approach is to deliver an integrated holistic solution to the industry. Our team, and our products are driven by what our customers tell us they need to make their jobs easier, safer, and more cost effective. For too long proprietary solutions from our competitors have dictated what the market will use to do their job. Now we have given the market an open architecture choice. Our database architecture is open, our communications protocols are open, and even our wireless sensor technology is open…it’s the customers data…not ours.”

Dr. Thierry Erbessd, Chief Scientist and Founder of ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS stated “The EI Analytic cloud monitoring and data integration service is powered by our unmatched Digivibe software. Now we can utilize the power of the cloud to help our customers deploy global IoT solutions to monitor and correct machinery related reliability issues long before a traditional route-based program would facilitate.”

ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS – Masters of Machine Health

With facilities in Merida and Mexico City, Mexico as well as Queensbury, New York, ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS develops the newest, cutting edge, cost effective, vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, wireless online monitoring,  and laser alignment technologies with passion for integrity & our customers ultimate satisfaction.

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