Preventative Health Company Heartwise Is Changing The Face Of The Healthcare Industry

United States, Texas – 06-20-2019 ( — Heartwise’s 90 Minute Head-To-Toe assessment is modeled after the Mayo Clinic Executive Health assessment but is covered by all major insurance providers. 

Heartwise is able to predict chronic diseases 5-10 years before traditional testing, due to their cutting edge algorithms. 

Heartwise is able to substantially grow doctor’s patient volume.

Heartwise is now expanding nationwide in select qualifying practices. 


Cutting edge preventative healthcare company Heartwise announced on Friday that they plan to expand nationwide, partnering with qualifying physicians to allow them to offer the Heartwise assessment in their offices.

“Heartwise was born out of a passion for preventative health and saving lives,” says VP of Sales Phil Hall. “Changing the conversation around healthcare has always been our goal. We are excited to offer the Heartwise assessment to more people, which allows them to prevent disease, improve their quality of life, and take more ownership over their health.”

Heartwise gathers one million data points from the 90-minute head to toe Heartwise assessment, including a limited ultrasound, full blood panel, family history, treadmill test, and much more.

Then the patient results are uploaded into a sophisticated algorithm that uses over 100 years of evidence-based research from Harvard and the University of Minnesota. This allows the company to give each patient a completely customized and comprehensive 360-degree view of their health.

Heartwise is covered by all major insurance providers, allows physicians to be reimbursed at a higher rate than typical office visits. Over 100,000 patients have gone through the Heartwise assessment, with hundreds of lives saved. Physicians are also finding a substantial increase to their patient volume.


Heartwise is a preventative health solution based out of Austin, Texas.


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