Court Orders Christopher Stoikos and Coolbox, LLC to Appear in Court or Risk Contempt

United States, Washington, Seattle – 06-24-2019 ( — King County Superior Court in Seattle, WA has ordered Beard Club and Coolbox co-founder Christopher Stoikos to appear in court, threatening to issue a warrant for arrest if they fail to do so. The court issued the order in response to a motion filed by Coolbox co-inventor and co-founder Shaun Kjellman alleging that Stoikos and Coolbox LLC violated the terms of a prior court order requiring them to hand over corporate documents and information to Kjellman. Kjellman initially filed suit, case number 18-2-10933-7 SEA, against Coolbox in 2018 alleging that company management hid information from him, thereby violating his rights as company co-founder and part owner.


The complaint alleges that Coolbox LLC member Alex Brown repeatedly promised to deliver the requested corporate documents and information, but never did so. Last August, the court issued a judgment in favor of Kjellman, holding that Coolbox violated the Delaware LLC Act by refusing to provide corporate documents, and ordered the company to do so within five business days. Kjellman’s recent court filings allege that Coolbox co-founder Christopher Stoikos outright refused to comply with the initial court order, stated that he “does not believe in the law,” and threatened to publish a viral video that would “destroy” Mr. Kjellman’s reputation if he continued to press his legal rights.


The new motion alleges that Stoikos has still not provided the court-ordered documents nearly a year after receiving notice of the court order requiring him to do so. Mr. Kjellman has asked the court to hold Coolbox LLC and Mr. Stoikos in contempt, order Coolbox and Mr. Stoikos to pay $1,000 per day until they comply with the court’s prior order, order Coolbox and Mr. Stoikos to compensate Mr. Kjellman for his costs and attorney fees, and order that Mr. Stoikos be detained until he complies with the court’s prior order to deliver corporate documents. Kjellman’s original complaint in the lawsuit alleges that, in early 2015, Stoikos and Coolbox LLC raised an initial $370,000 with a crowdfunding campaign on


Coolbox then garnered an offer for a $500,000 line of credit from Lori Greiner when Stoikos appeared with Jason Neubauer founder of the social app YouBetMe, on ABC’s Sharktank (Season 7, Ep. 23) one year later in 2016. The Indiegogo campaign was then re-opened for a second round of funding immediately following the Sharktank episode which brought the campaign total to $425,000. Kevin Harrington, ABC’s Original Shark launched a derivation of the Coolbox toolbox design, the Coolbox Cooler on Kickstarter in August of 2018. Kjellman’s most recent filing alleges that the final documents related to Harrington’s deal to acquire the Coolbox design have yet to be fully disclosed to all original Coolbox LLC members.

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