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As the world struggles with violent acts of humanity, America’s founding fathers faced no less reality of such potential extreme punishments for transforming human history by codifying, “All men are created equal”.The new book,Creating the Declaration of Independence, better than other reality media, takes the reader through the thoughts and action of the men and the era’s political climate forging the barrier breaking document embracing the ‘law of nature and of nature’s God’, as a foundation for self-government.Interview or book Dave now to feature for upcoming Independence Day, July 4th shows.David Shestokas, is a seasoned and personable professional. He gives a great interview appealing to all ages in a balanced manner beyond partisan favor. While retaining the integrity of the American Founders, his style is direct and easy to understand in 21st century phrasing. His audience demographic is constant across economic, ethnic and philosophical persuasions whether they are general public, scholars, teachers, young students, immigrants, or history buffs.Promoting his timely book, Constitutional Scholar, David J. Shestokas, said, “Our nation is divided.  Personal parties have taken over the substance of America’s most notable national celebration, the 4thof July.  Overshadowed by parades, barbecues and fireworks, forgotten are the dramas proceeding that fateful day. Scant thought is given to the reason for our country and the core event, publication of the Declaration of Independence. Our common heritage is the celebration to bridge that divide. This book, speaks to everyone on a personal level to understand it. Learning and sharing about it, perpetuating the immense brilliance of it, brings Americans to a wealth of unity. ”The 154 page book, unlike any before, covers the period leading up to the publication of the Declaration of Independence. Learn what led Richard Henry Lee to formally propose American independence. Find how the committee leaned on the man assigned to justify independence to the nations of the world, the soldiers of the Continental Army, and the American people, Thomas Jefferson. Sit with Jefferson as he pens history.  Creating the Declaration of Independenceprovides insight into how they did it, and is available on Amazon.Staying in the style of his previous work,Constitutional Sound Bites, Shestokas, writes for all ages, in anecdotal, entertaining, yet insightful manner. To order the book:, General (Dr.) Joseph Warren, (John Adams’ and famous physician of the era) was beheaded outside of Bunker Hill . . . The story is in the book.    About the AuthorDavid J. Shestokas is also the author of the book,Constitutional Sound Bites,which grew from his weekly radio show, “Constitutionally Speaking”, and his website,Constitutional Legal Education and News ( The website has more than 380,000 annual visitors. Shestokas has also collaborated with Dr. Berta Arias, past President, Illinois Latino Council on Higher Education to produceCápsulas Informativas Constitucionales, the first and only book about the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights, designed for 36,000,000 Americans who are more comfortable reading in Spanish.Shestokas earned his B.A. in Political Science from Bradley University and his J.D. from The John Marshall Law School, cum laude, while serving on The John Marshall Law Review. Additionally, he studied comparative legal systems at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. He has been admitted to practice law in both state and federal courts in Illinois and Florida. As a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney for more nearly thirty years, he has lived with the Constitution in the courtroom daily. As an Assistant State’s Attorney for Cook County, IL he appeared in court on more than 10,000 criminal prosecutions. While on the Felony Review Unit, he participated in police investigations and made charging decisions in more than 400 felony cases. In 1992, after the Republic of Lithuania regained its independence from the Soviet Union, Shestokas joined attorneys of Lithuanian heritage from around the world as a member of the First World Congress of Lithuanian Lawyers. The Lithuanian President, government officials, and the Lithuanian Bar worked with that Congress to restore the rule of law and a constitutional government after four generations of Soviet occupation.Along with volunteering at the Salvation Army providing pro bono legal services for the homeless, David has also given his time at the Quality Life Center to educate at-risk youth about the values ingrained in America’s Founding.BOOK DAVE now for your RADIO/TV Shows, Interview him for your Independence Day Features. What others are saying . . .“Dave crafts such a great story. Dave weaves together the events leading up to the creation of one of our sacred founding documents. He places the reader in the midst of the actions and thoughts of the Founders and provides a “worm’s eye” view of the events that took place in the days leading up to July 4, 1776. For people who care about the birth of America and want to learn how and why it all came about, this book is an excellent resource.” Tom Scott, Author, Stack the Legal Odds in Your Favor“Wow, what an original idea!! Hollywood should snap it up for a docu -drama, or they should make an episode on “Timeless” about those people who revisit the past. This is a fascinating (and unknown) bit of our history, presented in a fascinating way”. Arthur Cronos, Voltos Marketing Group“David Shestokas has made an important part of our history accessible and interesting. David has a gift for taking things that we think we know and understand already, and adjusting the vantage point in such a way as to allow us to see things differently or more clearly.” Brent Hamachek, Author, Time for a Turning Point. 

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