4th Of July Grilling is Easier with New BBQ Tool

United States, Colorado, Denver – 06-28-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — A veggie basket that flips food without tongs: The Rolling Grill Basket

It’s a little hard to find anything that’s really new in the barbecue and grilling world. But BBQ Dragon keeps coming up with fresh grilling accessories that are actually something different.  

The company just released their newest product, the “Rolling Grill Basket,” a completely re-designed version of the popular veggie baskets that many people use to cook asparagus or other vegetables on their grills. The “Rolling Grill Basket” is a stainless steel cylinder that snaps open and closed like a clam shell. It looks completely different than old-style grill baskets.

“The problem with regular veggie baskets is that they take up too much room on your grill,” said George Prior, the company’s co-owner. “And it’s hard to turn the vegetables in those flat-style baskets. Usually one side is hotter than the other, and you’re fussing around trying to grab pieces of asparagus or pepper with tongs – not fun.”

Their “Rolling Grill Basket” allows chefs to turn the vegetables by just rolling, or rotating, the pan. Vegetables are placed inside the cylinder, and the cylinder snaps securely closed and is placed on the grill.  

“It actually holds a lot more food than a flat pan,” said Prior. “And it takes up about half as much space on the grill. When you turn it, all the veggies just flip over. It’s the one thing that on my grill that always gets people’s attention, too, because it looks so weird.”

The cylinder is 6 inches in diameter and 11 long, not including the stainless steel handles. It holds up to 2 square feet of food. That’s a lot of asparagus.

“You do need to use gloves to turn the Rolling Basket,” said Prior. “The handles get hot. Like stuff does on a grill.”

The Rolling Grill Basket is widely available through online retailers like Home Depot, Target, and Amazon, as well as the company’s website, BBQDragon.com.

The company was started in 2012 by brothers George and Bruce Prior. An engineer and a product developer, they design BBQ Dragon products to “solve problems with style.” Starting with their popular BBQ Dragon charcoal fan, the company now offers 20 unique grilling accessories, like the Chimney of Insanity 3 Minute Chimney, and a Grill Stone, that turns regular charcoal grills into smokers.  

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