Connected Solutions Group Introduces Revolutionary EPIK BOX to Market

United States, Virginia, Richmond – 06-28-2019 ( — Richmond, VA-based Connected Solutions Group (CSG) and Mission Viejo, CA-based OBSM, LLC have teamed together in an exclusive partnership to offer the EPIK BOX on the Verizon Wireless network. The EPIK BOX is a patent-pending, game-changing device created to bridge the gap between the large amount of remaining analog POTS lines and the fiber, wireless, VoIP and SIP trunking systems that are currently undergoing adoption across the country.

The EPIK BOX is delivered over Verizon 4G LTE instead of over copper telephone lines. It replaces a customer’s current analog lines without the challenges and high costs resulting from numerous end-of-life POTS issues. As businesses increasingly movetowardunifiedcommunicationsolutions,manyoftheseservicesdonotworkwellwiththethousands of ‘analog era’ devices still in use. The EPIK BOX allows these digital solutions to co-exist with the analog components that need to remain in-place or are not cost-effective to replace such as alarm and life safety systems, elevator systems and fax lines.

One of the most significant components of the EPIK system are its “smartPOTS” lines. EPIK smartPOTS lines are monitored at frequent time intervals for up-time awareness and can utilize both 4G LTE and existing Internet to dramatically increase uptime over legacy analog copper lines. This increased uptime is a better POTS connection to customer devices that are required to comply with Section 72 of the National Fire Protection Agency code or require aUL864life-safetylisting. ThesmartPOTSlinesforfaxandmodemalsoavoidlatencybyregisteringalltrafficwithin thedevicewithout beingsenttothecloud and theEPIKBOXisequippedwithalithium-ionbatterybackupoffering significant reserve power.

Along with its many applications, the EPIK BOX will be a tremendous compliment to Verizon One Talk VoIP solutions. Many customers have limitations on their ability to adopt a VoIP system due to landline-dependent devices such as faxes, point-of-sale systems, SCADA, alarm systems, elevator panels and more not being ideal for VoIP. The EPIK BOX can handle these systems allowing the customer to make the VoIP transition and enjoy all the benefits that it offers.

EPIK also will save customers 40% to 60% on their landline costs and the per-line costs will not increase over time. The redundancy created by the device will assure phenomenal reliability since it runs on the Verizon 4G LTE network guaranteeing a backup if a customer’s primary internet service goes down. Should service be needed on the EPIK BOX itself, most repairs can be done remotely.

ConnectedSolutionsGroupisexcitedto be theexclusivedistributoroftheEPIKBOXandwillhaveunitsreadytoship in July. CEO Michael Pittman stated “This device will be industry-disrupting in the sense of its ability to solve so many diversechallengescreatedwhentryingtoimplementadigitalsystemwhilestillhavingoutlyinganalogneeds. Wehave anincrediblepartnerwithEpikandwelookforwardtobringingtheEPIKBOXtomarket.” KevanMoshayedi,Epik’s CTO and co-founder stated, “We are very excited about this exclusive CSG partnership. Epik’s smartPOTS over LTE technology compliments Verizon’s OneTalk VoIP product and offers the missing technological link to provide an end-to-end, enterprise-grade solution to Verizon customers. This, combined with CSG’s talented and enthusiastic team, creates a potentially explosive result in the Verizon community and we can’t wait to see how it all rolls out.”


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