aT Center Presents: A Timeless Experience of Korean Food’s Taste and Culture

United States, New York, New York – 07-03-2019 ( — The Republic of Korea Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (Minister Lee Gae-Ho) and the Korea Agro-Fisheries and Food Trade Corporation (aT, President Lee Byung-Ho) will host the K-Food Fair on July 6-7 to introduce and promote Korean food and beverage products to millennials and Generation Z in the United States who are interested in the Korean Wave. The K-Food Fair will be in conjunction with KCON, which is organized by CJ.

 A “time-traveling” experience will showcase a variety of Korean food products for visitors, who will be able to learn and sample the past, present, and future of Korean food. In the traditional village, there will be booths for fruits and vegetables (fresh pears, lotus root, etc.), noodles (ramen), confectionaries, beverages, and much more that will demonstrate the wide array of Korean products currently sold in the United States. The Futuristic Hall, along with the K-Red&Hot, K-Miracle, and K-Healthy booths, will utilize Korean agricultural products like Kimchi, Ginseng, and edible insects to create fusion recipes by famous CIA chefs. (K-Healthy) chicken roulades with ginseng puree and aged kimchi relish + samgyetang gnocchi with red ginseng soy yuza sauce and pickled red onions with strawberries (K-Miracle) gondeure rice ball with red onion pickle, soy sauce puree, mealworm crisp, and fried lotus root + omija infused wheat wrap stuffed with red bean paste and served with red bean and sweet potato dipping sauce, burnt sugar candy, and red pepper powder (K-Red&Hot) stir-fried pork with Korean spicy sauce and served with plain noodle, ssamjang mayonnaise, and pickled peppers + fried traditional Korean cookie coated with buldak spicy sauce served with yuzu panna cotta and Korean red vinegar syrup There will also be a variety of events in addition to food tastings. There will be rice cake stamping, 3D-printed pancakes topped with various Korean agricultural products, a pantomime cooking show, and performances including a traditional sword dance and Arirang flash mob. A central LED tower will broadcast these events in real time, providing a visual and auditory experience for visitors. In addition, there will be a special event per day on the KCON Stage 1. On July 6th, rising star Chef Jeong Jae-eun will host “Simply Lightly! Talking with Chef Jae!” where she will introduce a healthy and diet-friendly menu, much like the ones K-pop stars consume to maintain their active lifestyles. Chef Lee Young-sun will then prepare the winning dish of the “K-Food for my K-Pop Star” contest live on July 7th. Kim Kwang-jin, president of aT Center in New York Branch, said that recent efforts to spread Korean food culture to the American markets have paid off, with the trade exceeding $100 billion last year. This event was designed to create a foundation for Korean food to become mainstream in American society in the future. By providing an opportunity to experience Korean food culture in conjunction with K-Pop concerts, he hopes to give young Americans the sense that Korean food is delicious, healthy, and accessible. Presdient Kim also hopes that This experience will be a springboard for significant growth demand of Korean Food. KCON is the world’s largest annual Korean pop concert and culture convention. Some groups attending this year include IZONE, ATEEZ, NU’EST, SEVENTEEN, AB6IX, VERIVERY and etc. More information about this event can be found at

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