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LAS VEGAS, NV – 07-08-2019 — Blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency are seeing huge innovation right now. There are many Bitcoin and blockchain-related projects being built across the Internet that are providing great value. But Blockchain and Cryptocurrency still have a major credibility issue. How do you build that trust and credibility for your brand? And how do you do it in that critical window after your business has just launched?

Marketing-savvy founders are using press release distribution services such as PR Distributionto quickly build their marketing strategies. Services like PR Distribution have powerful media networks and tested distribution processes. Your business can quickly and easily leverage established media brands. Solutions like the Premium Pro package can be used to send off individual press releases to hundreds of media outlets. Founders will often use the monthly or annual subscriptions to keep their company in the press. This is incredible for maximizing exposure in a given window of time.PR Distribution has been used to promote numerous different blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency-related organizations. Their knowledge across these online campaigns has been distilled into a set of press release templates and other PR resources. Marketing teams will often work with PR Distribution’s experienced industry writers to create relevant and newsworthy content for media distribution.PR Distribution’s solutions send your press release to a hundreds of media outlets. These include outlets such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, and their affiliates, as well as Google, Yahoo, and Bing News.The sample articles and resources below provide a of what works in terms of structuring a press release for maximum audience engagement.Treat this template as a reference in promoting your blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency-related website: brief guide to PR writing: sample press releases for blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency-related businesses:Bitcoin Investment: on Youtube: and Entertainment Cryptocurrency Launch: PR DistributionPR Distribution is a leading press release media company based out of Southern California. PR Distribution offers industry-leading innovation, customer service, and press release branding strategy on a global scale.Visit us at

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