PR Distribution: How to Get the No.1 Missing Ingredient for Kickstarter Success

LAS VEGAS, NV – 07-08-2019 — Kickstarters live and die on a small number of critical factors. Your product has to be timed and targeted to the right audience. It has to solve genuine problems and be backed by solid processes. But it is critical that your Kickstarter start out with strong credibility and trust. How do you build trust in a short span of time?

Marketing-savvy Kickstarter creators use PR Distribution for this type of branding strategy. PR Distribution’s powerful network and distribution processes to quickly and cheaply leverage existing media brands. The Premium Pro package is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach established media outlets. For Kickstarter projects that are trying to maximize reach within a limited time, this is incredibly powerful.

The platform has promoted numerous Kickstarters that have reached funding goals exceeding $50,000. With experience in numerous successful Kickstarter and crowdfunding campaigns, as well as a variety of online campaigns, PR Distribution knows the kinds of articles that create positive buzz in multiple markets. Creators have consulted with PR Distribution’s writing services to create newsworthy content that stays relevant for news outlets.

PR Distribution’s solutions get your press release to a verifiable thousands of journalists across hundreds of news outlets. These include outlets such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, and their affiliates, as well as Google, Yahoo, and Bing News. Building on the name recognition of media brands is one of the leading strategies for Kickstarter and general crowdfunding success.

PR Distribution has collected data from the hundreds and thousands of Kickstarter-related articles it’s sent out over the years. This data was used to build a PR templates resource for industries as diverse as Food and Beverage, Finance, and, of course, Crowdfunding.

The sample articles and resources below provide a of what works in terms of structuring a press release for maximum audience engagement.

Treat this template as a reference in structuring your Kickstarter press release:

An overview of PR Distribution for Kickstarter:

Two sample press releases for Kickstarter projects:

Exercise Kickstarter:

Indie Film Kickstarter:

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