Convesio, the first self-healing and auto-scaling platform for WordPress, launches $1M equity crowdfunding campaign to bring “Next Generation” cloud-hosting to global WordPress users

United States – 07-09-2019 ( — Opportunity for members of WordPress community to own equity for just $100

Investor perks range from free hosting to private clusters

Investments will fund further development and expansion domestically and internationally

The campaign runs July 1st through September 30th


Convesio, the first scalable, self-healing WordPress cloud hosting platform, launches an equity crowdfunding campaign to raise $1M and expand its service to businesses across the globe.

With many budget hosting providers, each server may contain thousands of websites. If any site goes viral, or worse, gets hacked, every site on the server will feel the effects. By using separate containers to store your data, Convesio eliminates the risk of single-point failures, guarantees server availability and can scale easily to handle traffic demands, all at a highly competitive price point.

Tom Fanelli, CEO and founder at Convesio, said, “I started Convesio because legacy hosting providers have not evolved their technology, struggled to provide high uptime, and lacked the capability to scale WordPress on demand. They just didn’t deliver in terms of price and quality.” Today Convesio serves over 100 million requests per month, and is increasing each day. “This funding initiative will enable us to take Convesio to market, scale our team and provide unparalleled service to our existing customers while expanding our server technology into new territories.”

“Never before had I seen an implementation that offered a price to performance ratio at this level,” said Christopher Robinson, CEO at CR Consulting. “The ability to leverage containers and run instances that are truly scalable is fantastic, as the sites I host routinely experience large spikes in user base.”

“The tools provided save me countless hours in server upkeep and they are elegant enough that any member of my team can quickly perform routine operations. I have also been incredibly pleased with the support offered by the team at Convesio.”

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Convesio features at a glance:

  • Auto-scaling – if a site experiences a traffic surge, Convesio will automatically deploy new containers to make sure your site doesn’t go down. Never fear going viral again!
  • High availability WordPress hosting – Convesio uses multiple load-balanced containers to duplicate instances of WordPress, which means that your site is always available. If a container goes down due to a surge in traffic or hack, Convesio will automatically re-deploy it.
  • Server-level caching – The custom-made cache is designed for WordPress and provides full control over how caching works for each site.
  • Automatic backups – Automatically back up your sites anywhere from every 3 hours to every 15 days (you pick the interval). You can also create on-demand backups when needed.
  • Built-in security – Convesio offers WordPress-specific firewalls and malware scanning, plus free SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt.

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